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Asian Composers League

The Asian Composers League (ACL) is the most vibrant and active contemporary music organization in the Asia-Pacific region today. The main purpose of ACL is to promoting the art music activities in Asian countries, as well as fostering mutual exchange between these countries. The idea of forming ACL came from Taiwanese composer Prof. Hsu Tsang-Houei in 1971, and later in 1973, the first ACL conference was held in Hong Kong. The following meetings in Kyoto in 1974 and in Manila in 1975 set the path for a flourishing organization.

There were three delegates from Japan led by Professor Yoshiro Irino, six from Taiwan led by Professor Hsu Tsang-Houei and six from Hong Kong led by Professor Lin Sheng-Shih. (Hong Kong composer and ACL Honorary Member Doming Lam in ‘The Year of Deciding on Course’.)

Current ACL member countries include: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Other than these member countries, many composers and musicologists from China, Turkey, and even Europe and U.S. come to join the ACL events as observers.

For more information about the Asian Composers League, please visit its official website: www.asiancomposersleague.com.
The League is a non-profit organization, number - 580147239