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ACL Conference & Festival 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Conference and Music Festival Dates: October 14-20, 2012


  • Tel Aviv Museum
  • Hateiva Tel Aviv
  • Jerusalem Music Centre
  • Henry Crown Hall Jerusalem
  • Beer Sheva Concert Hall


  • Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
  • Israel Chamber Orchestra
  • Beer Sheva Sinfonietta
  • Israel Contemporary Players
  • Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra - China


All required materials should be received by ACL-Israel before April 15, 2012.

Note that the deadline for the Young Composers' Competition is June 1, 2012.

Mailing address and contact for submissions:

Israel Composers' League
55 Menachem Begin Road
Tel Aviv 67138
Phone: +972-3-5621282

1 - Categories

  1. Symphony Orchestra: usual instrumentation, 8–15 mins. The soloist(s) can be invited from abroad. (within 3333-4331-1 Tp.+3Perc. Piano, Harp, Strings)
    1. Chamber Orchestra: 8-15 mins (Chamber Orchestra - 2222-22 Timpani, Strings)
    2. Sinfonietta: 8–15 mins (1111-111-pno-perc-11111 - Israel Contemporary Players)
  2. Chamber Music: 5–13 mins Chamber Music (fl. Cl. Vln. Vla vcl. pipa daegeum and pno)
    1. Solo and Duet: (Vln - piano)
    2. Piano Trio: 5–8 mins (vln. Vcl. Pno)
  3. Electroacoustics/Multimedia: 5–13 mins. Audio or audio-visual submissions. Up to 6-channel sound system, with or without acoustic instruments. (No more than 2 acoustic instruments - piano, flute, clar, vln)
    Score, recording (CD, DVD) and guide of technical plan must be included.
  4. Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, China: 1Di / Di to Xiao, 1 Er hu/ Zhong hu, 1 Ban hu/ Gao hu, 1 Yang qin, 1 Zheng player, 1 pipa, 1 Zhong ruan/ Da ruan, 1 San xian/ Diyin/Da ruan, 1 Percussion/ vibraphone/ or some orchestra percussions.
    Download Chinese Instrument Pitch Range
  5. Young Composers’ Competition: 8–13 mins. Chamber Music for 1–7 instrumentalists. (Instrumentation should be limited to: fl. Cl. Vln. Vla, vcl. pno perc)
    Each ACL country shall select a Young Composer Representative under the age of 30 (born after Oct. 14, 1981), and send the score to ACL-Israel before June 1, 2012.

2 - Conditions for submissions

When a composition is selected to be performed in the festival, the applicant needs to provide a score and parts at no charge, and is responsible for clearing all performance-related rights of the piece.

Although submissions from composers throughout the world will be accepted, priority will be given to composers who are current members of any of the ACL Member Country organizations, or are Individual or Associate Members of the ACL. (See the Asian Composers League website for a full list of these members)

3 - What and how to submit

Applicants should send all the required materials and a signed Application Form to their ACL national sections. For a complete list of ACL members, please visit the ACL website: www.asiancomposersleague.com

With each submission the following is required:
  • A bound score.
  • Sound recording of the notated work, if available.
  • A recent photo of the composer, on a CD.
  • Programs notes (up to 150 words) and a biography (up to 150 words) on a CD.
  • For electroacoustic compositions, one score or guide and the system plan must be submitted.

Mailing address for submissions - before April 15, 2012:
Israel Composers' League
55 Menachem Begin Road
Tel Aviv 67138

The League is a non-profit organization, number - 580147239