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Announcing the Call for Scores Result

Symphonic Orchestra - Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

May Kay Yau "Demise of the Cherry Blossoms", Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Andrián Pertout Bénédiction d’un conquérant for Symphony Orchestra, no. 390, Australia
Amos Elkana Truah, Concerto for clarinet and orchestra, Israel

Chamber Orchestra - Israel Chamber Orchestra

Johanna Selleck “Unspoken Dialogues: for Flute & Strings”, Australia
Ari Ben Shabtai Angel's tears for Saxophone and chamber orchestra, Israel
Kyungjin Han Paraphrase for chamber orchestra , Korea
Josef Bardanashvili Children of God, for voice and chamber orchestra, Israel

Chamber Orchestra - Beer-Sheva Sinfonietta

Yuan-Chen Li Hovering in the Air, concerto for Zheng and Strings, Taiwan
Hadas Goldschmidt–Halfon Knock on Wood, Israel
Chia-Lin Pan Phantom Illusion, Taiwan
Ayal Adler Voyages, Israel

Sinfonietta - Israel Contemporary Players

Matsushita Isao A Shining Firmament, Japan
Benjamin Yusupov Memories, Israel
Yao Chen Tangents II, China
Ho, Chee Kong Shades of Oil Lamps, Singapore

The Chamber Orchestra of the Forbidden City Beijing

Phang Kok Jun Flow, Singapore
Maria Christine Muyco Baradbad, Philippines
Jack Body The Emperor Speaks..., New Zealand

Young Composers Competition

Kittiphan Janbuala The sweet Metal, Thailand
Juro Kim Feliz Another perpetuum mobile..., Philippines
Nicole Murphy Untangled, Australia
Alex Wolken Coil, New Zealand
Lily Chen Soundscape, Taiwan
Emily Koh [circum]-perceptio, Singapore
Carmel Raz Adom, Israel
Chun Ting Pang As Snow, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Jay-hyun Park Stormy April, Korea

Chamber Concert I

Seung Jae Chung “Linear Mutation” for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Korea
Scott Mclntyre Constellationism II, Australia
Hadas Pe’ery Trio, Israel
Emily Koh Freyja, Singapore
Mei-Fang Lin “L’Image Reconstituée”, Taiwan
Man- Bang Yi Flumen, for flute, Korea
Vladimir Scolnic Meditation In Mosaic, Israel
Seung Lim Kim Serenade, Korea

Chamber Concert II - Piano Trio

Alexander John “AJ” L. Villanueva Threnody, Philippines
Seunghee Hong Labyrinth, Korea
Chihchun Chi-sun Lee Realization, Views, Heart Frustration, Nostalgia, Taiwan
Hilat Ben Kennaz Colors, Israel
Joshua Chan Moment of Peace, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Ting-Yi Ma Scenery of the Season, Taiwan
Yongmin Han Trio, Korea

Chamber Concert III - Violin & Piano

Richard Tsang "Soliloquy" for violin Solo, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Wah-Hei Ng Beyond Life, for violin solo, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Menachem Zur Contour Variations for Violin & Piano, Israel
Ian Ng Grand Jeté on a Violin, for violin & piano, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Se-In Seong Zerstaebung, for violin solo, Korea
Tsippi Fleisher Erasure, for violin solo, Israel
Yat-wai Joseph Wong Via Dolorosa, for violin solo, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China

Piano Recital

Samuel Holloway Terrain Vague, New Zealand
Lee Kar Tai Pyrus Flower In Rain, Hong Kong, The People's Republic of China
Noriko Nakamura Agua for pianist, Japan
Youngkyong Kim Azul (Blue), Korea
Hanna Ajiashvili, Israel

Electronic Concert

Shai Cohen Boundaries, Israel
Yasuhiro Otani The Difference Machine, Japan
Yu-chung Tseng "Fantasy" for Alto Flute and electronics, Taiwan
Ying-Jung Chen Waters' Diversification, Taiwan
Goni Peles Der Fahrgast, Israel
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