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Hagar Kadima

Hagar Kadima

A winner of the 2003 Prime Minister’s Award for Composers, and the first Israeli woman to achieve a Ph.D. degree in music composition, Dr. Hagar Kadima is an active contemporary composer, being regularly commissioned and performed by vocal and instrumental ensembles in Israel and worldwide.

During the last decade, Kadima's creative work has expanded to visual arts (aquarelle & ink painting). Today she is the only woman artist in Israel professionally active as both a contemporary concert composer and a painter. Within the last 4 years, her paintings have been exhibited in 13 group exhibitions, and 5 solo exhibitions.

Dr. Kadima has been supporting for years the growth of a new generation of composers, both in her 24-years music professorship at the Levinsky College of Education, and in her life-long individual work with young composers. In addition, part of her artistic work has always been dedicated to the co-existence of Arab and Jewish people in Israel – both in her own compositions and in Arab-Jewish women-musicians' collaborations.

In 2000 Dr. Kadima founded the Israel Women Composers' Forum and served as its first chairperson (2000-2004).
Since then, she has dedicated much time and endeavor to continuous support of women composers and their integration in the Israeli music scene.

For more information, please follow this link to www.hagarkadima.co.il

A Dubious Closing Gesture, for Violin, Cello & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble362

A Woman Is Not… for Mezzo Soprano, 2 Recorders and Oud Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and ensemble, Vocal4215

An Ancient Silence, for 8 Female Singers Choir, Vocal672
Clusters, for Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra2155
Concerto for String Quartet & Orchestra String Quartet, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra588
Flashes of a Question from a Distant Desert, for Recorder and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4026

Fleeting Moment, for Three Viols Chamber Music / Ensemble4025
Her Days, for Soprano and Clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal4216

Homeless Woman, for Soprano, Clarinet in Bb, Oud, Violoncello and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and ensemble, Vocal4029

I Should Be, for two sound-text artists Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal3878

Last Glimmers, for mezzo-soprano solo, women's choir, 3 flutes & accordion Chamber Music / Ensemble, Choir, Voice and ensemble, Vocal358

Lecha Dodi, for Mixed Choir and Piano touches Choir, Vocal4028

Look on a gone moment Solo, For the Young4533
Microscopic Differences, for two violins Chamber Music / Ensemble251

Not a Lament (In memory of Yitzhak Rabin), for mezzo-soprano solo Solo voice(s)544
On A (Her own Way), for 2 Alto Recorders Chamber Music / Ensemble4151
Once, for mezzo soprano, arab violin, oud, 2 violins & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble, Vocal3877

Peace in Four Colours, for Mezzo-Soprano, Children’s Choir, Mixed Choir, and 8 instruments
Listen to the complete work: Click to Download
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Choir, Voice and ensemble, Vocal4024
Peace in Three Colours, for two Trumpets, French Horn, Tenor Trombone &Tuba Chamber Music / Ensemble3937

Peace, Composer’s Take, for Orchestra Symphony Orchestra4027

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