Ziv Cojocaru

Ziv Cojocaru Composer, Conductor, Arranger and Pianist, Ziv Cojocaru is a multidisciplinary musician, active in the fields of classical, contemporary and popular music.
Mr. Cojocaru received his Master degree in Composition (with honors) at the "Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance" studying with Prof. Zvi Avni and Prof. Haim Permont. Mr. Cojocaru also attended Master courses under Composers Fabián Panisello (Spain), Philippe Leroux (France) , and Ivan Fedele (Italy). He Completed his Doctoral degree in composition (Ph.D.) at the Bar-Ilan University under supervision of Prof. Gideon Lewensohn, Prof. Betty Olivero and Prof. Michael Wolpe. Cojocaru has also received his Master degree in Orchestral Conducting (with honors), studying with Dr. Yevgeny Zirlin, and attended Master courses under Conductors Fabián Panisello (Spain) and Pierre Andre Valade (France).

As a composer, Ziv Cojocaru has written commissions for various Israeli chamber music
ensembles and orchestras. His compositions have been preformed at various festivals and venues including the “Young Euro Classic Festival” in Konzerthaus Berlin, the Arnold Schönberg Center Wien, the “Tonraum 21 - Festival für neue musik” in Minoritensaal – Graz (Austria),
the “MATA Festival” in New York, the ISCM - World Music Days Festival, the ACL Festivals, “Israel Music Festival”, the “Desert Sounds Festival”, the ”Galilee Voice of Music Festival”, the “Spring competitions” and more.
The preforming ensembles include the Meitar Ensemble, the Zeitfluss Ensemble (Austria), the Tempera Ensemble, the Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble, the Israel Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Sinfonietta, the Israel Camerata - Jerusalem, the Israel Symphonette-Raanana , the Israel Contemporary String Quartet, and more. His works are published by the “Israel Music Center” (IMC), and the “ Israel Music Institute” (IMI).

As a conductor, Cojocaru serves as Conductor in Residence at the Israel Sinfonietta Orchestra. He also performed with the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Camerata-Jerusalem, the Filarmonica de Stat Botosani (Romania), the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra , the NK Orchestra, the Israel Symphonette-Raanana, the Meitar ensemble, the Moran Singers Ensemble, the Jerusalem Academy Orchestra, and more.

As an arranger, Mr. Cojocaru's works are performed regularly by the “Israel
Philharmonic Orchestra”, the "Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra", the “Israel Symphony Orchestra”, the “Haifa Symphony Orchestra” , the “Israel Chamber Orchestra”, The “Israel Sinfonietta", the “Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble”, the "Raanana Symphonette", the “Israel Kibutz Orchestra”, the “Tel Aviv Jazz Big Band", the "Meitar ensemble" , the Tempera ensemble, and more.

Popular Music Scene activity-
Since 1998, Mr. Cojocaru works regularly on Israel's most prestigious Stage Productions and appears in Israel's Best selling Albums as a Producer , Musical Director, Arranger, Conductor, Composer, Pianist and Keyboards player. Mr. Cojocaru has Collaborated with renowned Israeli artists such as: Gidi Gov, Alon Oleartchik, Yehuda Poliker, David Broza, Rami Klienstein, Rita, Yehudit Ravitz, Yoni Rechter, Shlomo Gronich, Eran Zur, Shlomi Shaban, Riki Gal, Yizhar Ashdot, David D'aor, Harel Skaat, Maurice El Medioni, and many many more. Mr. Cojocaru also worked for several Israel's top rated TV productions.

Ziv Cojocaru is the recipient of the 2015 Prime minister Award for composers, the 2002 "Acum" grant for excellence in the fields of Composition & Arrangement, the 2000 “Tamuz” award (Israel Music Industry Official Prize) for best instrumental performance on a recorded album, and the 2005-2007 “Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance” Excellence Scholarships . Dr. Cojocaru is a full-time faculty member of composition and theory at the “Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance”. He serves as a board member at the Israeli Composers' League (ICL) and as a member at the Board of Trustees - Prime Minister Award.
Cojocaru's works are often recorded and played on the Israeli Radio.
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