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Aloni, Netta Five songs for Baritone voice solo, for texts by Tuvia Rubner (2020), 12'50", 15p., IMC-4715-CGI Solo, Solo voice(s), Vocal4715 Details
Aslanyan, Noubar "Celebration of Harvest", cantata for mixed choir a cappella Choir, Vocal3514
Aslanyan, Noubar Hrazhesht (Farewell), for Mixed Choir a cappella Choir, Vocal3922
Aslanyan, Noubar To your Beatitude, for male choir Choir, Vocal3651
Ben-Kennaz, Hilat And I'm The Woman In You, for eight singers Solo voice(s), Vocal2526 Details
Ben-Shabetai, Ari L'Amour de St.Sebastian, Three songs for Counter-Tenor, Theorbo & Viola de Gamba Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble, Vocal4036
Cohen, Nadav Bli Milim - Madrigal for Five a-cappella Voices Solo voice(s), Vocal4167
Ehrlich, Abel A Comical Question, for soprano & alto Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)1259 Details
Ehrlich, Abel A Dream From 18.09.88, for mixed choir Choir, Vocal2765 Details
Ehrlich, Abel A Dream From 20.09.88, for mixed choir Choir2764 Details