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Aslanyan, Noubar "Appeal", for viola solo Solo3752
Assaf, Oded Teranim, for 3 violas Chamber Music / Ensemble3817 Details
Ben-Kennaz, Hilat Question Mark, for Viola solo Solo3789
Ben-Kennaz, Hilat Sweet and Sour, for solo Viola
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Ehrlich, Abel A Present of a Soulscape, for 5 violas Chamber Music / Ensemble3280 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Die Memel, for viola solo Solo1611 Details
Ehrlich, Abel He Who Is Always Alone, for 4 violas Chamber Music / Ensemble2586 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Nevertheless: Hymn Of Thansgiving, for 3 violas Chamber Music / Ensemble3002 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Psalm 129, for viola solo Solo1786 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Sand-Glass, for viola & string orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra1027 Details