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Ehrlich, Abel A Chance Meeting Plus Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)2379 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Conversation For Oboe & Clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble2132 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Development of a Conversation Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)2369 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Diary: 19.08.1999, for oboe & clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble2301 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Duo for Oboe & Clarinet 1999 Chamber Music / Ensemble1846
Ehrlich, Abel Phosphor Reading By His Own Light, for sopran or tenor & 9 players Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble2302 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Sunbeam, for oboe & clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble966 Details
Yoffe, Shlomo Suite on Yemenite Themes, for oboe or clarinet and strings Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra932 Details