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Abrahami, Gad Shdemati, for Mixed Choir and Percussion Choir, Vocal4061
Amar, Talia Riddles, for Soprano and Percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4127
Ehrlich, Abel The Manifest of William Blake, for mixed choir & hand drum Chamber Music / Ensemble, Choir2581 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Tik mispar efes, No. 1, for tenor & percussionist Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal2023 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Tik mispar efes, No. 3, for tenor, celesta & vibraphone (one player) Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal2027 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Vox et praeterea fere nihil, for mezzo-soprano & hand-drum (jar-drum) Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal1383 Details
Rufeisen, Arie We Don't Hear, for mezzo-soprano & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble335 Details
Schwartz, Oron Wo uns das Licht wuchs, vor dem Atem, for alto or mezzo soprano voice & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal3303 Details
Zur, Menachem Psalm 23, for mixed choir & marimbaphone
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Chamber Music / Ensemble, Choir3356 Details