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Abram, Omri Animate, for Bassoon Solo
 MP3 Complete
Ehrlich, Abel Diary of Young Israeli (2001), for basson (&double bassoon) Solo, Solo voice(s)2662 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Old Gorbun Limping Through Memories, for bassoon solo Solo1478 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Planning, for basson & 14 instruments Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble1169 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Song of Opus 2714, for bassoon solo Solo1865 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Targil for Bassoon Solo1373 Details
Galay, Daniel Sonata for Bassoon Solo Solo2122 Details
Levitt, Vladimir Sonata for Two Bassoons Chamber Music / Ensemble512 Details
Levitt, Vladimir Sonatina for Bassoon Solo Solo511 Details
Povolotsky, Yuri Concerto for Bassoon & Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra830