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Aslanyan, Noubar "Awakening", Two pieces for Brass Quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble3746
Avitsur, Eitan Brass Quintet, for horn, 2 trumpets, trombone & tuba Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet1920 Details
Avitsur, Eitan Second Brass Quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble4840
Boyarsky, Anatoly Four Horals Memory of Bela Bartok, Brass Quintet No.2 Chamber Music / Ensemble451 Details
Brener, Uri Brass Quintet, for two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba Chamber Music / Ensemble4388
Ehrlich, Abel At Any Point In Space And Time, for trumpet, horn, trombone & tuba, Chamber Music / Ensemble2585 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Movement for Brass-Quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble2939 Details
Ehrlich, Abel My Peace Talks in the Palace on No-Man's Land, for brass quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble1669 Details
Ehrlich, Abel SeXtet, for 2 tpts, 2 hns, trb & tba Chamber Music / Ensemble1497 Details
Ernst, Leb Three Miniatures for Brass Quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble1584 Details