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Bardanashvili, Josef Nekudot, For String Sextet Chamber Music / Ensemble3720 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Ein Hauh der Erinnerung, for string orchestra String Orchestra2597 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Good Morning I'm Living, for string orchestra String Orchestra2490 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Hope - Though the Day be Bleak, for string quintet or string orchestra Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Orchestra, String Quintet1319 Details
Ehrlich, Abel In Egypt, It Has Been A Bitter Time..., for string sextet Chamber Music / Ensemble1674 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Quintet In One Movement, for 2 violins, viola, cello & double-bass Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quintet1625 Details
Ehrlich, Abel String Choir 2000, for string orchestra String Orchestra2517 Details
Ehrlich, Abel String Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello & Double-Bass Chamber Music / Ensemble971 Details
Ehrlich, Abel String Sextet Chamber Music / Ensemble2615 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Suddenly Arives Again the Danger, for string quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quintet2138 Details