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Akiva, Daniel Recitative and Dance for Viola da Gamba Solo4865
Ehrlich, Abel Let's Presume No.2, for viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble3542 Details
Ehrlich, Abel Takes A Hint, for viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble2358 Details
Ehrlich, Abel The Truth Stands Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)2422 Details
Israel, Robert Beethoven: Sonatine, for two violas (or viola & cello) Chamber Music / Ensemble1054 Details
Israel, Robert J.S. Bach: Sarabande, Bourree & Polonaise, for two violas (or viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble1053 Details
Monkovich, Rita To Dissonance With Love, for viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble1549 Details
Reinhardt, Bruno Play Together, Duo for Viola & Cello Chamber Music / Ensemble1044 Details
Vahl, Emanuel Sonata for viola and cello in 4 movements op.152 Chamber Music / Ensemble4862
Vahl, Emanuel Suite for Viola and Cello, op. 67d Chamber Music / Ensemble3714d Details