Cartoons for small orchestra

Composer: Menachem Zur

Categories: Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Serial Number: 3880
Duration: 17:00 minutes
Score: 104 pages
Score Type: Computer Generated
Composition Date: 2005
Recordings: The attached recording: Anat Pick- voice,
The Contemporary Israel Players, Zsolt Nagy – cond.
Recorded in a live performance at the Tel Aviv Museum 8/11/08. Recording engineer & editing :Avi Elbaz .
Video: Shali Boharon.
Roi Amotz- fl., gabi Bukovsky-ob., Desmiond Bisley-cl.,
Daniel Mazaki-bsn., Itamar Leshem-F.Horn., Nama Golan-tpt.,
Liron Granot-tbn., Amit Dolberg-pno., Oron Schwarz & Giori Politi-perc., Nitai Zori-& Yael Barolsky- vlns., Amit Landau-vla., Anat Englemeir-cello, Daniel Felsteiner- bass

Instrumentation: flute / piccolo, oboe, clarinet (Bb) / bass clarinet, bassoon, french horn (in F), trumpet (in C), trombone (bass trombone), piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, 2 percussion

Sound Text by Anat Pick

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