Cultivation (Arrangement) of Four Armenian Spiritual, National-Patriotic Songs, for Voice (female d1- e2; bass G-d1) & Chamber Orchestra

Composer: Noubar Aslanyan

Categories: Chamber Orchestra, Voice and Orchestra, Vocal
Serial Number: 3462
Duration: 22:00 minutes
Score: 60 pages
Score Type: Computer Generated
Composition Date: 1992
Recordings: Noubar Aslanyan arr. "Nor tzaghik" and "Surb es Ter" Noubar Aslanyan arr. I KUYS ( In the Virgin ) N.Aslanyan arr.VOGHB VASPURAKANI-Lamentation of Vasbouragan

Dedicated to His Holiness Garegin II,Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

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