Cinderella, suite for clarinet & piano

Composer: Boris Levenberg

Categories: Chamber Music / Ensemble
Serial Number: 3467
Duration: 11:30 minutes
Score: 33 pages
Score Type: Computer Generated
Composition Date: 2003
Recordings: Attached recording performed by:
Ventzislav Trifonov - clarinet
Fanny Koutzarova - piano
Instrumentation: Clarinet, Piano
Movements: 1. Prologue. Once upon a time there was a gentleman and his young daughter...
2. The Stepmother
3. Cinderella at work
4. The prince's invitation to the ball. The stepsisters get ready for this event.
5. Cinderella and godmother
6. Grand Waltz - Cinderella and the prince
7. Epilogue

Details: Suite in 7 parts
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