"Sardarapat", five Armenian national-patriotic compositions and arrangements (marches) for Wind Band

Composer: Noubar Aslanyan

Categories: Choir, Orchestra with Choir, Wind Orchestra
Serial Number: 3851
Duration: 12:05 minutes
Score: 60 pages
Score Type: Computer Generated
Composition Date: 1990
Movements: 1. Sartarapat 3'25"(1965);
2. Zoravar Andranik (General Andranik) 2'00" ( 1990);
3. Ardyok ovker en (Wonder Who They Are?) 1'40" (1989);
4. Zeytountsots kaylerk (The march of the people of Zeytoun), 1'50"(1989);
5. Our March, 3'10" (1988).

Composed 1965-1990 Dedicated to the Armenian Freedom Fighters Text: Saro Geodakyan

The four other marches can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqTODin9-Dk&t=210s


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