Boaz Ben-Moshe

Boaz Ben-Moshe Boaz Ben-Moshe, born in 1962, Prime-minister prize for composers (2003), composed over 40 pieces - Symphonic music, Concerti, Voice and Orchestra music, Chamber music for various instrumentations, Solo pieces and Cross-disciplinary pieces. His music was commissioned and performed by: Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the New Symphony Orchestra-Haifa, the Tel Aviv Soloists, the Wine Festival Orchestra – Bordeaux, France, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, Israel Sinfonietta-Be'er-Sheva, the Israel Mandolin Orchestra, the Reutlingen Symphony Orchestra (Germany), the "Meitar" Ensemble, the Israel Contemporary Players, Soprano – Ruth Chizak (Germany), Soprano – Hilla Bagio, Contra Tenor – Alon Harari, Conductors – Guy Braunstein, Uri Segal, Guitarist – Liat Cohen, Pianist – Gila Goldstein, Dunnel String Quartet (Belgium), Kerman Mandolin Quartet. His music was performed at the Israel Festival, Upper Galilee Chamber Music Festival, "Sounds in the Desert" Festival, Bordeaux Music Festival, in Reutlingen – Germany, various Chamber Music Festivals in France and Spain, in the U.S.A - Piano Festival at Tanglewood and the Taubman Piano Festival at Mont-Clair University, New Jersey.

In 2004 he released the album "Gates of Jerusalem", a collection of his pieces


8 moons, for piano Solo4907 Click to View Details
Alei Kinor, Suite for Violin Solo1304 Details
Desert Wind, for Guitar Solo4906 Click to View Details
Dream of Zion, for story-teller, orchestra & Middle Eastern ensemble Symphony Orchestra1302 Details
Echo from within..., for Guitar Solo4905 Click to View Details
Fantasia-Toccata-Elegia, for two Guitars Chamber Music / Ensemble4927 Click to View Details
Five Anecdotes for Flute, Cello and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4910 Click to View Details
Morning Stars, for clarinet, violin, viola & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble1303 Details
Music for 12 and Double Bass, for string ensemble and D. Bass solo, In memory of Mark Kopytman Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble4947 Click to View Details
Night Time, for Piano Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble4928 Click to View Details
Someone is playing, for Cello, Flute, Bassoon and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4904 Click to View Details
Un niño, for Soprano, Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble, Vocal4908 Click to View Details
You are with me for Soprano, Viola and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble, Vocal4909 Click to View Details