Josef Bardanashvili

Josef Bardanashvili One of the most prominent Israeli composers.
Born in 1948 in Batumi, Georgia. He studied at the Music Academy in Tbilisi under Aleksandr Shaverzashvili, where he graduated with a Doctor Degree in composition in 1976.
Bardanashvili was Director of the Music College in Batumi (1986-1991), and Culture Vice-Minister in Adjaria (1993-1994), and in this capacity organized numerous international music festivals.
He settled in Israel in 1995.
Bardanashvili served as composer-in-residence of the Raanana Symfonette Orchestra in Israel from 1996-99 and Musical Director of the International Biennial for Contemporary Music "Tempus Fugit" in Israel(2002, 2004,2006).
He taught at Camera Obscura College in 1998-99 and at the Bar Ilan University. Currently he is a faculty member of the Academy of Music at the Tel-Aviv University and the Sapir Academic College.
Josef Bardanashvili has composed more than 80 works.
Amongst them, is author of the first Georgian rock-opera ''Alternative'' (1976), and rock-ballet "Tutor"(1982). He has written 3 operas: "Moving Stars" (2 act opera, libretto by the composer & Dgemal Adgiashvili -1982); Eva (mono-opera, libretto by Aleksandr Parin-1998) and ''A Journey to the end of the millennium'' (2 act opera, libretto A.B.Yehoshua-2004-2005) commissioned and performed by The Israeli Opera; two ballets "A Woman's Ballad" (1972), "Moving Soul" (1991); three symphonies (1980, 2001,2006), concertos for Guitar, Flute, Piano, Violin, concerto for Cello, Piano & small orchestra; Triptych for voices & orchestra ("Children of God" - texts from the Talmud, Quran, New Testament, Book of Psalms, for countertenor & orchestra, (1997); "Yearning" - texts from the Pure Prayer, Blessings, Ecclesiastes for voice & orchestra, (1999);" Time to Love" - texts from the Song of Solomon, Evangelists, Shmuel Hanagid, Nahapet Kuchak for male chorus & string orchestra, (1999); Elegia for string orchestra (1997), Steps and Metamorphoses for small orchestra, Symphonic Poem for clarinet & orchestra (1998), String Quartets, Quintets, Piano Trios, Piano Sonatas, choir music.
He has written music for 35 films and 45 theater productions.

Among his honors are the title of Honored Artist of Georgia (1988), the Paliashvili Award (1987), the ACUM ''Composer of the Year'' Prize (1998), the Margalit Prize (1999, for Dybbuk incidental music), the Award of the Israeli Prime Minister (2000), the ACUM Prize for "Life Achievement" (2002), the Israel Theater Oscar for Music (2003), the ACUM prize-'' Composer of the Year''(2004), the Rozenblum Prize for Performing Arts-Tel-Aviv (2005),the Landau prize(2006). Prize by I.Shtern from Ministry of Absorption (2009)

His numerous compositions had successfully been performed all over the world - in Israel, Georgia, USA, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro,the UK, by such soloists as Giora Feidman, Yossi Arnheim, Liana Isacadze, Nana Jashvili, Oleg Malov, Alexander Korsantia, Tzvi Plesser, Uri Gandelsman,Viktor Derevianko, and conductors Zubin Mehta, Valery Gergiev, Lior Shambadal, Shlomo Mintz, Djansug Kachidze, Gisele Ben-Dor, Uri Segal, Gabor Hollerung, Yerucham Sharovsky ,George Manahan, Zsolt Nagy, Steven Sloan, Joel Sachs, Nizan Leibovich and by orchestras like the Israel Philharmonic, the St.Petersburg Opera Orchestra, Berliner Symphoniker, the Dochnany Orchestra (Hungaria), the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra - IBA, the Rishon le-Zion Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Raanana Symphonette, the Beer-Sheva Sinphonietta, the Musica Nova Ensemble, the Israel Contemporary Players, Ensemble Contempo (USA),New Juilliard ensemble(USA),Continuum(USA) Nouvel Ensemble Moderne(Canada) and in music festivals in Israel and abroad.
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Adagio, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra773 Details
Ballet Suite, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra677 Details
Children of God, for contra tenor & symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Voice and Orchestra851 Details
Concertino for Flute, Bassoon & Chamber Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble3195 Details
Concerto for Cello, Piano & Brass Solo instrument + ensemble412 Details
Concerto for Flute & Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3327 Details
Concerto for Guitar & Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra413 Details
Concerto quasi una fantasia, for piano & string orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra712 Details
Eli, Eli, lama azavtani (Psalm 22:2), for voice & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal928 Click to View Details
Eva, mono opera for Mezzosoprano and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Opera1745 Click to View Details
Evening Prayers, for chamber ensemble Chamber Orchestra497 Details
Farewell Song 1997, for alto flute, harp, string quintet & drums Chamber Music / Ensemble923 Details
Four Pieces, for Cello and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3975 Details
Images, for Flute & Duo Percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble3719 Details
Metamorphoses for Cello & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3295 Click to View Details
Metamorphoses for Clarinet & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1295 Details
Metamorphoses for Viola & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1306 Details
Metamorphoses No. 2, for violin & harp Chamber Music / Ensemble2789 Details
Metamorphoses, for Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra1743 Details
Musical Moment, for doli, 2 marimbas & string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet, Solo instrument + ensemble2466 Details
Musical Moment, for percussion or doli & string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet, Solo instrument + ensemble1744 Details
Nekudot, For String Sextet Chamber Music / Ensemble3720 Details
Ode for Sara, for female voice & symphony orchestra Voice and Orchestra1924 Details
Perpetuum mobile, for 4 pianos, 16-hands Chamber Music / Ensemble2233 Details
Piano Quintet, for piano & string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet, Solo instrument + ensemble3298 Click to View Details
Piano Trio No.2 (Romantic) Chamber Music / Ensemble409 Details
Piano Trio No. 3, for oboe, bassoon & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble2234 Click to View Details
Piano Trio No.1 Chamber Music / Ensemble466 Details
Poem-Dialogue, for cello, guitar, 4 horns & 2 pianos Chamber Music / Ensemble690 Click to View Details
Postlude, for flute and clarinet Chamber Music / Ensemble522 Details
Postlude, for piano Solo1347 Click to View Details
Psalm 121, for men's choir Choir812a Click to View Details
Psalm 123, for mixed choir Choir1915 Details
Pslam 121, for Mixed Choir Choir812c Click to View Details
Pslam 121, for Women Choir Choir812b Click to View Details
Scene, for flute (alt & piccolo), ud & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble704 Details
Serenade-Concerto, for Violin & String Orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra411 Details
Sfinat ahava, for soprano, string orchestra & piano Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, Voice and Orchestra, String Orchestra3360 Details
Sha'alu Shlom ..., for chamber choir & chamber orchestra Chamber Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra with Choir676 Details
Sonata for Piano No.2 Solo430 Details
Song, for flute & harp Chamber Music / Ensemble3194 Details
Steps, Chamber Music for Winds, Strings & Percussion Chamber Orchestra2441 Details
String Quartet No.1 Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet491 Details
String Quartet No.2 Chamber Music / Ensemble410 Details
Symphonic Poem, for a klezmer (clarinet) & orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra1308 Details
Symphony No. 1, for full symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra2154 Details
Symphony No.2 (Way To...) Symphony Orchestra2437 Details
The Way To ..., for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra728 Details
The Way, for wind orchestra Wind Orchestra2465 Details
The Yellow Blues, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble3432 Click to View  MP3 Details
Three Scenes, for soprano & instrumental ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble, Vocal816 Details
Time for Love, for monks choir & string orchestra Orchestra with Choir1746 Details
Walking On A Rope, for 4 cellos Chamber Music / Ensemble2648 Details
Yearning, for mezzo-soprano & symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Voice and Orchestra1565 Details