Shai Cohen

Shai Cohen Shai Cohen Born in Haifa (1968) working as a teacher, composer and jazz performer. Cohen composes symphonic music, chamber music, electronic music, and music for solo instruments. Cohen's music has been performed by musicians and ensembles like SNU Symphony Orchestra (Korea), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Moscow), members of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (Scotland), Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Japan), T'ang Quartet (Singapore), St Andrews New Music Ensemble (Scotland), Ensemble Kaprizma (Israel), Israel Contemporary Players, the Arab & Jewish ensembles of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, The Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble, The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, Israel Sinfonietta orchestra of Beer-Sheva and many others.

Cohen's music has been performed at events including "ACL Asian Contemporary Music Festival" (2003/Japan, 2009/Korea, 2012/Israel, 2013/Singapore), ISCM, contemporary music festival "Moscow Autumn" (2006), "Aberdeen Music Prize" (2011), 34th Annual "Bowling Green New Music Festival" (2013), "Israeli Music Festival" (2004, 2012).
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"Treatise" for Bassoon and Fixed Media Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape, Electro-Acoustic4824 Click to View Details
A Butterfly flaps its wings... string trio Arabic Ud live electronics
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Trio, Live electronics / tape3737 Click to View Details
A Tale of Nature, for Solo Electric Guitar and Triggered-tape Solo, Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape4108 Click to View Details
Apsis, for Piccolo, Baritone Sax and Tuba Chamber Music / Ensemble4300 Click to View Details
Association, for Tenor Sax, Accordion, Vibraphone and Contrabass
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3882 Click to View Details
Boundaries, for Violin Solo and Real-time Graphics Control Sound Processing Solo, Live electronics / tape, Electro-Acoustic4106 Click to View Details
Chronicle skips the Circumstances, for Marimba Solo Solo4105 Click to View Details
Circles of time, 8 images for String Quartet and Trumpet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet4109 Click to View Details
Collective Memory, for Perc, Ney Flute, Arabic Violin, Oud, Flute, Violin and Bass
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3883 Click to View Details
DSCH, for Chamber Orchestra
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Orchestra3884 Click to View Details
Duet for Saxophone and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3885 Click to View  MP3 Details
Echoes of Eternity, Fantasia for Violin solo and Orchestra
 MP3 Complete
Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3886 Click to View Details
Encounters, Duet for Trumpet and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4279 Click to View Details
ER=EPR, for French Horn and Live electronics Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape4866 Click to View Details
Flute and Processed Flute, for Flute and Live electronics (Max/msp)
 MP3 Complete
Solo, Live electronics / tape3887 Click to View Details
From Earth to Wind, for solo Accordion and narrator
 MP3 Complete
Solo3888 Click to View Details
Games, Songs and Dances, for String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3889b Click to View Details
Games, Songs and Dances, for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and Piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3889a Click to View Details
Invitation, for Piano and Cello
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3890 Click to View Details
Like a mountain stream, for Voice and vibraphone Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4317 Click to View Details
Liminal experiences, for Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble4110 Click to View Details
Nuance, for harp solo and interactive electronics Solo, Live electronics / tape, Electro-Acoustic4112 Click to View Details
On another note, for Piano, Contrabass, Soprano Saxophone and Vibraphone Chamber Music / Ensemble4107 Click to View Details
Parmenides' Dialogue, for Flute and Marimba Chamber Music / Ensemble4379 Click to View Details
Radical Daily Reflection, for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3891 Click to View Details
Schizophrenia, for alto saxophone (or flute) and marimba Chamber Music / Ensemble4111 Click to View Details
Second Sight, for 2 Vocals, Piano, Cello, Vibraphone, Bass and Accordion
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble, Vocal3892 Click to View Details
Seven flashes of thoughts, Fantasia for Orchestra Symphony Orchestra4144 Click to View Details
Shadows of Mind, for Piano, Trumpet, Tenor Sax., Bass and Percussion
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3893 Click to View Details
Shochenet Basade, for Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Choir4088 Click to View Details
Tachbir, for Piano Solo Solo, For the Young4295 Click to View Details
The Double, for String Trio and Flute
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble, String Trio3894 Click to View Details
Two Ladino Songs, for Mezzo-Soprano, String Trio, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet and 2 Trombones
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble, Vocal3881 Click to View Details