Daniela Cohn-Levitas

Daniela Cohn-Levitas Born 28.11.1963, Israel. Studied composition at the Tel-Aviv Academy of Music with Abel Ehrlich and in the Jerusalem Academy with Zvi Avni. While studying at the Jerusalem Academy, Cohn-Levitas was invited to learn composition with Rolf Riehm at the Frankfurt Music Academy. Some of her pieces are played in music competitions and various tests.


8 Bagatelles for piano Solo3733 Details
A Night Without A Sleep, for piano Solo2463 Details
Adagio for Orchestra Symphony Orchestra3921 Details
Andantino, for Piano Solo3587 Click to View Details
Blau Himmel, for piano Solo2004 Click to View Details
Episodes For The Piano Solo3312 Details
Four Inventions for Clarinet Solo Solo950 Details
Fugue for Piano Solo782 Details
Intermezzo, for piano Solo1634 Details
Invention for Flute Solo1435 Details
Invention No. 2, for flute solo Solo2005 Details
Invention No.1, for clarinet solo Solo947 Details
Invention No.2, for clarinet solo Solo948 Details
Invention No.3, for clarinet solo Solo949 Details
Invention, for Trumpet in Bb Solo3923 Details
Klavierstück Nr. 10, for piano Solo783 Details
Klavierstück Nr. 11, for piano Solo784 Details
Klavierstück Nr. 12, for piano Solo785 Details
Kyrie eleison, for a cappella choir Choir787 Details
Memories, for Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3925 Details
Memories, for String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3926 Details
Metamorphosis No.1, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra1596 Details
Metamorphosis No.2, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra1597 Details
Miniature No. 2, for piano Solo1633 Details
Miniatures, for piano Solo2006 Click to View Details
Moments, Piece for Piano Solo1434 Click to View Details
Prelude for Piano Solo781 Click to View Details
Rhapsody & Classical Pieces, for Piano Solo4066 Click to View Details
Sonata for Violin & Piano No.1 Chamber Music / Ensemble1635 Details
Sonata No. 2 for Violin & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3313 Click to View Details
String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet1128 Details
Unter den Linden, Piano Sonata Solo3762 Click to View Details
Valse, for piano Solo786 Details