Moshe Gassner

Moshe Gassner Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1929. Settled in Israel 1949. Gassner was one of the founders of Kibbutz Givat-Oz. Studied composition with Hajos, Abel Ehrlich and Oedoen Partos. Composed works for chorus, chamber music, orchestral music, electric and graphic music. Active in the music life of his Kibbutz. Won the S. Liberson Prize (1971,1973), The Havazelet Prize, M. Lavry Prize given by Haifa Municipality (1979, 1996), Prime Minister Prize 2001.


A Song for Dancing, for mixed choir Choir457 Details
A Voice from On High Was Heard, for mixed choir Choir464 Details
According to Song of Deborah, for mixed choir Choir462 Details
Amorf..., for woodwind quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet130 Details
And It Shall Come to Pass in the Last Days, for mixed choir Choir458 Details
Another Love, for mixed choir, orchestra, soloists & dancers Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra with Choir1850 Details
Caleidoscope Symphony Orchestra51 Details
Characters, for violin, flute, clarinet and cello Chamber Music / Ensemble129 Details
Characters, for violin, flute, saxophone & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble242 Details
Complications, for flute, clarinet in A, bassoon and harp Chamber Music / Ensemble131 Details
Country Girl, for 4 clarinets B flat Chamber Music / Ensemble811 Details
Country Girl, for clarinet B flat & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble810 Details
Declination, for instruments ad libitum Chamber Music / Ensemble56 Details
Egyptian Scenes, Music for Pessah Coreography, for instrument solo & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1852 Details
Expectation, for piano trio Chamber Music / Ensemble447 Details
for Liberson, for violin, horn, cello and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble118 Details
Four Love Songs, for voice (a-g2) and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal128 Click to View Details
Fractals, for piano quartet (violin, viola, cello and piano) Chamber Music / Ensemble132 Details
Gassner, Moshe: With...and Without, for Clarinet, Cello and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble88 Details
Give Your People, for bass-bariton & chamber orchestra Chamber Orchestra, Voice and Orchestra, Vocal52 Details
Gladness of Fields, for bassoon & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble263 Details
Holiday Song, for mixed choir Choir459 Details
Humi & Nahumi, coreographic suite for children, for oboe, cello, percussion & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1853 Details
I Will Gather You, symphonic poem, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra152 Details
In the Shaddow of Memories, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra2433 Details
Indeterminacy, for Saxophone (S,A,T,B) and Tape Live electronics / tape89 Details
Indeterminacy, for tuba and tape Live electronics / tape126 Details
Indeterminacy, for viola and tape Live electronics / tape125 Details
Last Resting Place Solo voice(s)53 Details
Lel Tamuz, for sopran, violin, viola, cello and piano, Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)199 Details
Let's Go Aut to the Field, for mixed choir Choir460 Details
Lift up Your Eyes and Look All Around, for mixed choir Choir456 Details
Listen, for mixed choir Choir455 Details
Metamorphoses of the Time Solo instrument + ensemble54 Details
Metamorphoses, for horn and string quartet (or orch.) Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet149 Details
Metamorphoses, for string quartet (or orchestra) String Quartet119 Details
Moblie, for Ensemble ad libitum. Chamber Music / Ensemble60 Details
Music (1957), for flute, clarinet and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble188 Details
Musical Alchemy, for flute (or other instr.) and orchestra Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra148 Details
Phonsella Symphony Orchestra55 Details
Phonsella, for double quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble350 Details
Piano Quartet, for violin, viola, cello and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble127 Details
Prelude and Fugue, for Violin and Cello Chamber Music / Ensemble91 Details
Prelude and Toccata, for piano Solo198 Details
R.S.T., for clarinet, cello and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble92 Details
Rejoice, Daughter of Zion, for mixed choir Choir463 Details
Sci.-Fi., for viola, piano and tape Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape121 Details
Sci-Fi, for Tuba, Piano and Tape Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape90 Details
Seven Fanfares Orchestra with Choir61 Details
Seven Fanfares, for mixed choir Choir461 Details
Song of the Tower, for choir with soloists Choir189 Details
Spontana, for piano and tape Live electronics / tape122 Details
The Cry, for a Narrator, Viola and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble94 Details
The Earth Is Beautiful, for mixed choir Choir194 Click to View Details
The Gate of the Song, for Flute, Harp, Viola and Tape Chamber Music / Ensemble, Live electronics / tape93 Details
The Sand Hen (Coquerel), for Viola Solo Solo50 Details
The Sand Hen, for clarinet (chang. Bass Cl.) in A and percussion (1 player) Chamber Music / Ensemble105 Details
Three Phases, for viola, flute and harp Chamber Music / Ensemble123 Details
Two Songs by Haim Guri, for baritone & clarinet in A Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and ensemble291 Details
Vision, for Piano and Tape Live electronics / tape86 Details
With...and Without, for clarinet, viola and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble124 Details
With...and Without, for Violin, Cello and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble87 Details
Youth Dance, for flute, clarinet & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble1851 Details