Petr Gekker

Petr Gekker Petr Gekker born1945 in Rostov-on-Don(March,15).1959 finishes musical school.1963 finishes musical college.1971 graduated the Leningrad State conservatory(Academia),Composer Department(under professor V. Tsytovitch).1976 joins the USSR composer's Union.1979 premier of the ballet “Khaya-Mergen” in State Dance Ensemble “Sayany”(choreographer V. Kamkov.)1981participates in the 17 InternFest “LMS” “Concert of instr. Variety music”, soloists M. Bezverkhmiy, M. Gantvarg, conductor S. Gorkovenko.1982 prize-winner VI Composition competition in symphonic genre: “Spring games”. 1983 participates in 19 InternFest “LMS”, performance “Chukchi Suite” for Symphony orchestra, conductor V. Chernushenko.1986 premier of the ballet “Cham”(choreograph G. Aleksidze).1989 Recital at Tuva State Theatre, presentation of simphony and chamber woks. 1991 performance “Sonata-fantasy”for clarinet and piano (A. Kazakov, N. Arzumanova).1992 performance of “Concert for Violin, strings and cembalo” conductor R. Martinov, soloist M. Gantvarg. 1993 performance cantata “Yerushalayim” for boy's choir, man's choir and chamber orchestra.(conductor A. Shteinlucht, soloist B. Finkelschtein.)
1995 participates in the InternFest “Moscow Autumn”.1998 performance “Sweet than Myrrh and wine” -quartet-fantasia for clarinet, violin, celle and piano(E. Berdnikova, M. Kullyk, F. Ponomarenko, N. Arzumanova).2000 Concert-portrait of symphony music at the Beloselsky-Belozersky Concert Hall (Spb) Conductor S.Gorkovenko. Soloists – M.Gantvarg, G.Rysina.
2002Premier of the cycle “Three Jewish (iddish) somgs for soprano and symphony orchestra (Capella symphony Orchestra, conductor A. Chernushenko, soloist S. Yalysheva). 2003 performance Piano cycle “Tsu der hupe”- 7pictures from the Jewish wedding (N. Arzumanova).
2004 premier of “Concert for clarinet and symphony orchestra', conductor V. Petrenko, solist A. Kazakov. 2005 Resital in St.-Petersburg Small Philharmonic Hall. Performers: S. Roldugin,
O. Bezinskykh, G. Rysina, M/ Gantvarg, S. Yalysheva. Participates in the Intern. Musicalfest
“Moscow Autumn”. 2006: quintet for winds “Jewish Wedding”. 2007 performance cycle “Biblical mosaic” for Chamber Choir, conductor J. Khutoretskaya. 2008 performanse “Capriccio” for violin and symphony orchestra (Capella State Symphony Orchestra, conductor A. Titov, soloist – M. Gantvarg. 2009 “Legends of Qumran Caves”- for symphony orchestra, performance State Symphony Orchestra, conductor A. Titov. 2010: Vocal cycle “Lyrical Pages” for soprano and piano to the verses by A. Maikov and M. Tsvetaeva, performers O. Krupnova, K. Isaeva.
2012: Suite from Opera “Damned Apostle”, libretto Yu. Dimitrin. Vocal-symphonic Suite. Soloists – Irina Vasilieva, D. Nelasov, P. Cherkasov. 2013: premier “Elegy” (in memory of V. Tsytovitch) for
violin, viola, strings, percussion, celesta and harp” Conductor A. Titov, soloists – V. Stopichev, M. Gantvarg. 2014: performance “Trio for clarinet, cello and piano”. Performers: V. Papyrin, Y. Rozovskaya, M. Danilova. 2015: Mariinskiy Theatre: Premier opera “Damned Apostle”.
2017: “Feast in Time of Plague”. Triptich for Soprano, Tenore, mixed choir and symphony orchestra. Capella SPB. Conductor A. Titov. Soloists: E. Shimanovich, A. Mihailov.


Ani ledodi vedodi li, for Voice and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4804 Click to View Details
Ave Maria, for Voice and Piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4606 Click to View Details
Biblical mosaic, cycle for mixed choir a cappella
 MP3 Complete
Choir4605 Click to View Details
Christmass Day, for Voice and Symphony Orchestra
 MP3 Complete
Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Voice and Orchestra4604 Click to View Details
Come together, for Symphony orchestra and rock section
 MP3 Complete
Symphony Orchestra4603 Click to View Details
Concert Duo, for Violin, Double Bass, and Chamber Orchestra Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra4629 Click to View Details
Concert for Clarinet, strings, percussion, harp, piano and celesta
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Orchestra4913 Click to View Details
Concertino for 2 Clarinets Solo and Chamber Symphony Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra4590 Click to View Details
Elegy, for Violin solo, Viola sola, strings, percussion, celesta and harp
 MP3 Complete
Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra4591 Click to View Details
Esli ne vernus', for Voice and Piano Solo, Chamber Music / Ensemble4805 Click to View Details
Fantasia-Quartet, for Clainet, Violin, Cello and Piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble4588 Click to View Details
Four Yellow ballads, to verses by F.G. Lorca, for voice and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4607 Click to View Details
Francesca Star, (Lyrics I. Khentova) for Voice and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4894 Click to View Details
Jewish Destiny, (Lyrics I. Khentova) for Voice and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4893 Click to View Details
Kol Dodi, Arioso from the opera "Damned Apostle", for Voice and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4803 Click to View Details
Letter of Chaia Feldman (Lyrics I. Khentova) for Voice and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4892 Click to View Details
Nigun, for Violin, strings and Cembalo Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra4912 Click to View  MP3 Details
Spring games, Suite for piano and chamber orchestra in 3 parts
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra4586 Click to View Details
Two violins, Composition for two violins solo and instrumental ensemble in three parts
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra4587 Click to View Details