Efrat Gerlich

Efrat Gerlich Born in Jerusalem and studied in the Rubin Academy both in theory and music education departements, with Prof. Mark Copitman and Dr. Veronica Cohen
Later learned classical piano with Dina Turgeman, Jazz piano with Ofer Bryer, Songs Harmony with Tzipi Fleisher and composition with Zohar Sharon.
She had an Ethnic Jazz band called 'Charisma' and was one of the music arranger in a group who made a show with songs of Pinchas Sade with Nisim Tahar –melodies, Ofer Lifshits-guitar, Uri Miles-keyboard and Eti Ankri + Dita Ben-David as singers.
Her Piece 'Blow a mighty Shofar' was performed and recorded by Barak Yevin and Ifat Zur horns and Katherina Rey Chepelev-Soprano in May 2015 at Mishkenot Shananim Musioc center
In December 2015 participated in the festival 'Sounds in the Desert' with her piece '3 miniatures for flute and piano' played by Idit Shemer-flute and Katerina Rei-Chepelev-piano
The piece 'The Dream of Nebuchadnezzar' for piano solo was performed on October 16Th on ACL music festival, Vietnam 2016.
On spring 2017 the international Trio Noga played both her 3 minyatures in a special arrangement for them and The 7 Popular songs of Manuel De-Fala
On December 2016 the final part of her Oratorio 'Daniel', 'The Night Vision' was performed twice both in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem by Liturgikal Choir with Maestro David Loden and The Tel-Aviv Soloists.
On February 7th 2018 her piece 'Prayer of The Heart' Cello and Piano was performed at on a special concert directed by Danielle Bass (Brussel) with Johannes Burghoff & Mamia Akhvledian
On February 22th her Fantasya Concertante for violin and string orchestra, dedicated to the saints of Monastir (the Jews who died in the Holaucost) was performed by Tomas Tulakek - violin and The Jerusalem St. Orchestra by maestro, Ido Shpitalnik at Gonenim Music Center, Jerusalem.
Her pieces Palpitation was performed and recorded by Pierot Ensemble during the SPCCF festival in Brazil, as well as her Macedonian Fantasya, with Maestro Christian Shultz
Her choir, Halleluhu performed few of her songs and arrangements.
On December 2018 she participated again in 'Sounds in the Desert' this time with premiers to 'Fanfar for The New Jerusalem for 4 trumpets, strings and women choir,performed by Maestro Roi Azulay with Symphonet Ra'anana, and a solo horn 'Open a Gate for us' with Ben Davis.
The year 2019 opened with another performance of Fantasya Concertante, this time with Mushales Ensemble directed by Maestro Markovitch in a special concert for the international Holaucost day (28.1.19)