Abraham Kefeli

Abraham Kefeli (b. January 15, 1972, Simferopol). Ukrainian-born Israeli composer of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been performed in Europe and the Middle East; he is also active as a pianist and researcher.
Mr. Kefeli studied composition with Vladimir Krasnoskulov and jazz piano with Kim Nazaretov at the State Conservatory of Music in Rostov-na-Donu from 1992-97, where he earned his MA with honors in both subjects. He had post-graduate studies with Vladimir Krasnoskulov there from 1997-2002 and earned his DMus. He also studied composition with André Hajdu at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan from 1999-2001 and with Edwin Seroussi at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2001-02.
Among his honors is a prize for use of folk music in the Russian Jazz Performers competition (1992) and First Prize in the competition of the Meta-Art festival in Kyiv (1997, for Music for Three).
As a pianist, he has primarily played his own music. He has worked as a hazzan (cantor) in Ashdod since 2000 and is also active as a publisher and researcher of Karaism. He is the author of the book Catalogue of Tombstone Monuments in the Halich Karaim Cemetery (2000, Ukrainian Ministry of Culture) and made a Russian translation of Fairy Tales of the Crimean Karaim (2002, National Minorities of Ukraine). He has also written articles about the Karaim.
He taught composition at the Troyezshina Art School in Kyiv from 1997-99 and composition, organ and piano at the Titora Institute of Art Development in Modiin in 1999-2000.
ORCHESTRAL: Chufut-Kale – Jewish Fortress (symphonic poem), large orchestra, 1994; Concerto, piano, large orchestra, 1997; Dreams of the Gypsy Baron, piano, string orchestra, 2000; Tahanun – Plea (symphony), large orchestra, 1997-2002
CHAMBER MUSIC: Samba for a Mechanical Doll, clarinet, piano, 1991; Sonata, cello, piano, 1992; Variations for String Quartet on the Karaitic Folksong 'Allef Binha' – Teach Your Son, 1993; Genesis, tenor saxophone, trombone, piano, percussion, 1994; Seliha, flute, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 1996; Music for Three, guitar, violin, bayan, 1997; Three Movements, double bass, piano, 2000; Sonata, violin, 2001
CHORAL: The Cloud (text by the composer), mixed chorus, 1995
VOCAL: The Girl with a Face like the Moon (text by Nizami Ganjavi [translated by the composer; also Russian translation by Pavel Antokolsky, V. Uspensky, I. Bruny]), tenor, piano, 1995 (also version for tenor, small orchestra, 1995)
PIANO: Pieces for Piano, 1990; Preludes for Piano, 1993; Sonata, 2001


Baroccian Girl, for Flute, Celesta & Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3658 Click to View Details
Carmecordino, for Chamber Ensamble, Cello, Flute, Piano & Percussions Chamber Music / Ensemble3655 Click to View  MP3 Details
Clouds, for Mixed Chorus Choir3799 Click to View Details
Concerto for Piano & Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra2342 Details
Five Preludes for Piano Solo4864 Click to View Details
Float on Air, for Big Band Wind Orchestra3906 Click to View  MP3 Details
Genesis, for Saxophone-tenor, Trombone, Percussion and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3797  MP3 Details
Girl with the face like the moon, for Tenor & Piano (or Chamber Orchestra) Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)3662 Click to View Details
Hab-bereha, for Wind Band, based on a traditional melody of the Blesseng of Kohanim Wind Orchestra4345 Click to View Details
Jufut Qale, Symophony Poem Symphony Orchestra4334 Click to View Details
Kukiya for Euphonium & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4714 Click to View Details
Kukiya for Horn in F & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4713 Click to View  MP3 Details
Lightness, for Piano Solo & Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3656 Click to View Details
Mahtov, for Big Band Wind Orchestra4771 Click to View Details
Meleh Kuzar (King of Khazaria), Opera Opera4631 Click to View Details
Meleh Kuzar (King of Khzaria), Opera, Piano Score Opera4336 Click to View Details
Music for Three, for Guitar, Violin, Accordion (Bayan) Chamber Music / Ensemble3661 Details
Nafshi ivvitih bal-Layla for Clarinet in Bb & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4712 Click to View Details
Nafshi ivvitih bal-Layla for Sax Alt in Eb & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4711 Click to View  MP3 Details
Pesah Suite for string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet4581 Click to View Details
Qaytar-Mantar, for Alt Saxophone in Es and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4335 Click to View  MP3 Details
Salut to Eyal Golan, for a Big Band orchestra Wind Orchestra4475 Click to View Details
Salut to Nahum Heyman, for Band Wind Orchestra4566 Click to View Details
Sar'ape Marom, for Trumpet and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4421 Click to View Details
Selikha, for piano, violin, cello, flute & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble2341 Details
Sonata for Cello & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3657  MP3 Details
Sonata for Piano Solo3504 Click to View  MP3 Details
Sonata for Violin Solo Solo3503 Click to View  MP3 Details
Spider, for Piano Solo4710 Click to View  MP3 Details
Suite for Clarinet & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3660 Click to View Details
Tahanun, the symphony in 3 movements Symphony Orchestra3501 Click to View  MP3 Details
The dreams of the Gypsy Baron, for Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra3654  MP3 Details
Three Movements, for Contrabasso Solo & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3659 Click to View Details
Tsel Ets Tamar, for Big Band Wind Orchestra4770 Click to View Details
Variations for a String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3502 Click to View  MP3 Details
Zur Mish-Shelo for Guitar Solo3798 Click to View Details