Reuven Kazhiloti

Reuven Kazhiloti Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1948. Graduated the Music Academy in Tbilisi (M.Amus.) in composition. Studied composition with Prof. Andrei Blenzi. During the years 1972-1992 Rouben worked as a teacher. Since 1974 he is associated with the Gruzia and Soviet Union ISCM. Immigrated to Israel in 1992 and is a member of the Israeli ISCM. Since 1994 Ruben is a doctorant of the Bar-Ilan University in composition with Prof. Andre Haydu.


2 Paraphrase for Youth for 2 Pianos Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4330 Details
2 Pieces for Children and youth, for Piano 4 hands Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4332 Details
2 Pieces for Youth, for piano Solo, For the Young4329 Details
4 Pieces for Children and youth, for 2 Pianos, (2016), 4' (16p) CGI Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4331 Details
Adon Olam, for female choir (2 parts) Choir3388 Details
Adon Olam, for female choir (4 parts) Choir3389 Details
Agadelcha, for male choir Choir3385 Click to View Details
As Mtkvari, The Chorus Picture for Female Choir Choir734 Details
Dance-Pantomime (in Ancient Style), for piano Solo720 Click to View Details
Dixieland, for chamber orchestra Chamber Orchestra529 Details
Dolury, for flute & harp Chamber Music / Ensemble3316 Details
Eliahu Hanavi, for mixed choir Choir718 Details
Eliezer vehagezer, Cantata-buffa for Children's or Female Choir & Piano Choir3314 Details
Four Miniatures, for children's (female) choir Choir3395 Details
Ki mi-Tsion, for female choir (S, A) Choir3387 Details
Ki mi-Tsion, for female choir (S1,S2,A1,A2) Choir3386 Details
Klinger gleker, arr. for female choir & piano Choir3363 Details
Konzertstück, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble3358 Details
Lecha Dodi, for mixed choir Choir716 Details
March, for piano 4 hands Chamber Music / Ensemble721 Details
Melody, for violins ensemble & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble3315 Details
Metamorphoses, seven pieces for piano Solo715 Click to View Details
Monologue, for baritone & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal3361 Click to View Details
Nigun & Scherzo, for string orchestra String Orchestra530 Details
Nigun, for 3 voices (S,T, bar) & chamber ensemble (fl, vn, vcl, hpsc) Chamber Music / Ensemble2521 Details
Oyfen Pripetshik, arr. for female choir & piano Choir3362 Details
Pieces for Piano Solo831 Details
Psalm for mixed choir acappela Choir3750 Details
Rain, for children's choir Choir526 Details
Sinfonia concertante, for violin, cello & symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3383 Details
Sonata for Viola & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble729 Click to View Details
Sonata for Viola Solo Solo517 Details
Sonata for Violin Solo Solo707 Details
Sonata, for Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3976 Details
Song, for two violins & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3589 Details
Sounds of Heaven, for female choir Chamber Music / Ensemble, Choir706 Details
String Quartet No. 1 Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet565 Details
String Quartet No. 5 Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3979 Details
String Quartet No.3 Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet548 Details
String Quartet no.6 Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet4266 Details
Suite in the Old Style, for piano Solo714 Click to View Details
Suite, for violin, viola, cello & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble531 Details
Sun, for children's choir Choir527 Details
Symphony "Shma Israel", for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra2449 Details
Symphony No. 3, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra3394 Details
Three Miniatures, for female (children's) choir Choir735 Details
Three Pieces for Piano, for Children and Youth Solo, For the Young4318 Click to View Details
Three Songs for Children's Choir Choir524 Details
Three Songs for mixed choir Choir692 Details
Tsur mishelo ahalnu, for female choir Choir3384 Details
Two Miniatures for Piano Solo719 Click to View Details
Wind, for female choir Choir528 Details
Winter, for children's choir Choir525 Details
Ya Ribon Alam, for mixed choir Choir717 Details