Netta Aloni

Neta Aloni (b. 1945) lives in Jerusalem. He studied composition with Andre Haydu. He also studied with Reuven Sarussi, Gideon Levinson and Betty Olivero. Some of his works have been recorded by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and played on the "Voice of Music" radio programme and at various concerts.
His work "I have told myself completely" for voice and instrumental ensemble represented the IBA at the International Composers' Rostrum.
His 3 previous CD's are: "Moments with myself" (1996) which includes pieces played by the Pianist Ora Rotem Nelken and the Flutist Idit Shemer; "Five Vocal Pieces" (2000) which includes pieces sung by Mira Zakai accompanied by Ora Rotem Nelken and 3 song cycles performed by Avital Raz and Esti Keinan with instrumental ensembles; "Breathless - Music for Bayan" (2007) which includes pieces played by Evgeny Mikhailenko. aloni


"4+1" for Piano Solo942 Click to View Details
"No name", 3 chorus poems Choir, Vocal4850 Click to View Details
3 songs for chorus, for mixed chorus A capella
 MP3 Complete
Choir4342 Click to View Details
7 songs by Tuvia Rübner, for soprano solo Solo, Solo voice(s), Vocal4888 Click to View Details
Autumn, 3 Choir Songs Choir, Vocal4889 Click to View Details
Basof Yavo Hamabul, for Piano Solo4472 Click to View  MP3 Details
Breathless, 3 Scenes for Bayan Solo Solo4158 Click to View  MP3 Details
Compulsion, for mixed Choir with a possible piano Choir4506 Click to View Details
Conceal me, 3 poems by Chamutal Bar-Yosef, for choir a capella Choir, Vocal4458 Click to View  MP3 Details
Diptique for Piano Solo940 Details
Fantasy for accordion/bayan on a theme by M. Seter Solo4460 Click to View Details
Five songs for Baritone voice solo, for texts by Tuvia Rubner Solo, Solo voice(s), Vocal4715 Click to View Details
Homage to Bialik, for mixed Choir
 MP3 Complete
Choir4502 Click to View Details
Hommage to Lea Goldberg-2 songs for mixed chorus A capella Choir, Vocal4471 Click to View Details
I shall recite to myself scratching words, 4 songs for voice and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4459 Click to View  MP3 Details
In The Depth of The Cello, for Cello Solo4154 Click to View  MP3 Details
In The Name Of Tango, for Bayan Solo4157 Details
Lema Hitgaagati kol Hachoref, 8 songs for soprano and piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4164 Details
Light and Shadow, 3 songs for Mixed Choir Choir4826 Click to View Details
Moments With Myself, for piano Solo941 Click to View Details
Music for Violin And Piano, for Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4166  MP3 Details
Nostalgica-metamorphoses of minuet, for double bass& piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4344 Click to View  MP3 Details
Pniya, 3 Songs for voice & Bayan
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4339 Click to View Details
Return, Cantando for Bayan Solo4155  MP3 Details
Scenes from childhood for bayan - 6 views of looking at one theme
 MP3 Complete
Solo4343 Click to View Details
Sensation - Seven views of looking at one theme, for Bayan Solo4156 Details
Start To Dance, 5 Dances for Piano Solo4159 Click to View Details
String Quintet
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quintet4152 Details
Swing, for women's choir Choir4623 Click to View Details
The Empty Rooms, 5 songs for baritone and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4163  MP3 Details
The place in which we are right, for mixed Choir Choir4505 Click to View Details
The Violin’s Murmur, for Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4160  MP3 Details
Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo939 Details
Three songs to texts by Agi Mish'ol, for mixed choir Choir, Vocal4542 Click to View  MP3 Details
Triptique, for flute, clarinet & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble938 Details
Triptych, for Cello and Bayan Chamber Music / Ensemble4153 Click to View  MP3 Details
Woodwind Quintet, Song and its shadow (theme and quasi variations) Wind Quintet4500 Click to View Details