Vyaceslav Ganelin

Vyaceslav Ganelin Vyacheslav Ganelin - was born in 1944 in the Soviet Union. He began playing the piano at age of 4, and has played jazz since 1961. He graduated from the Vilnuis Conservatoire, and was a member of the Composers' Union. In October 1987 he immigrated to Israel with his wife and daughter.
In the USSR he composed symphonic & chamber music, operas, film scores and theater music. He was also the leader of the famous Ganelin Trio (Vladimir Chekasin-saxophone & Vladimir Tarasov-drums) which toured most European countries in the '80s, and had an extraordinary success in the USA playing in 16 largest American cities from coast to coast.

The following is the extract from encyclopedia "Jazz - The Essential companion": These three virtuosi create a kind of abstract music which grows out of the European free jazz movement of the 1960s but has its own very different identity. Composition seems to play a more important role in the Ganelin's music, and every album, is different, offering a tremendous variety of textures, timbres, instrumental combinations and approaches. They are capable of good-time playing and occasionally set up some nice sustained rhythms, and their performances can range from grotesque parody and burlesque to the wide-eyed simplicity of children's nursery songs or the romantic melancholy of European - and particularly Slavonic - folk music and classical music. They are steeped in jazz history, which also echoes through their performances. In particular, although their music is sometimes totally abstract and often semi-abstract, there is always a sense of form and an intelligent use of space, so that tension is created and released satisfactorily.

The Ganelin Trio left its mark on the Western audience in 1980 when they played in the West Berlin Jazz Festival. The Crowd was ecstatic, and J. E. Berendt wrote about the performance in DOWN BEAT: "With tree musicians playing approximately 15 instroments with a breathtaking intensity, building their set to a euphoric climax, it was the wildest and yet the best organised and mostprofessional free jazz I've heard in years". After their American tour Francis Davis wrote in ATLANTIC magazine: "I heard the Ganelin Trio in Philadelphia and San Fracisco, and in both cities they turned in spectacular performances, which confirmed the impression that Leo albums had given of them as one of the world's premier avant-garde jazz ensembles."
In 1971 forms in the USSR "The Ganelin Trio" with Vladimir Chekasin(saxophone) and Vladimir Tarasov(drums, percussion). In 1976 they performed at the Warsaw Jazz Jamboree and the first album, "Con Anima", was released in the USSR. Sense than more than 20 LP's and CD's were released, most of them by LEO RECORDS (UK). By the 1980's they were playing concerts both in Soviet Union and abroad. Since 1995 Ganelin performes with the "Ganelin Trio Priority": Petras Vysniauskas(soprano saxophone) from Lithuania and Klaus Kugel(drums, percussion) from Germany.

In 1987 Ganelin immigrates to Israel and continues his carrier as a jazz composer and performer. He playes alone, in duo and trio with Victor Fonorov(Bass), Mika Markovitch(Drums), Esti Kenan Ofri(Vocal), Gershon Waiserfirer(Ud,Perc.) and continues to participate in jazz festivals all over the world. Ganelin also take a part in the "Red Sea" Jazz Festival in Eilat.
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