Nadav Ziv

Nadav Ziv Born 1950, Ein Hashofet, Israel.

Third degree: Ph.D. - Composition, with Prof. Andre Hajdu, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan.
Second degree: M.mus - Composition, with Prof. Leon Schidlowsky, “Rubin Academy of Music”Tel-Aviv University.
First degree: B.mus. - Composition and Theory, with Prof. Leon Schidlowsky, “Rubin Academy of Music,”Tel-Aviv University.

Conducts adults and youth Choirs, Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles.
Conducted the Thechnion Choir and Orchestra, Haifa.

Teaches Theory, composition ,History of Music, Brass Instruments.

Plays Trumpet and French Horn. Played with the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra, with members of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. Played and sang Oratorial Music.

Awarded three times the “Rubin Academy Composition Prize” 1987, 1988, 1989, the “Haifa Mark-Lavry Composition Prize”,1991.
Awarded the “Eizen-Pickard” scholarship, Basel, Swiss, 1991-92.

Compositions have been performed and recorded in Israel, Germany, Holland, Belgia,
New-Zeeland, U.S.A.

Nadav ziv - List of Compositions:

Woodwind Quintet, 1987. fl, ob, cl, hn, bn. Achieved prize, performed and recorded.

Piece for Chamber Ensemble, 1988, 7', IMC-345 (11 p.) MS. fl (picc.), cl, bn, vn, vla, vcl, hp, pno, perc: 2. Achieved prize and performed.
Monologue, for trumpet solo, 1988, IMC-96 (4 p.) MS. Performed in Berlin.

Events, for Trumpet, Horn & Trombone, 1989,10'. IMC-95 (16 p.) MS. Achieved prize, performed by “Ensemble Musica Nova”, Tel-Aviv,
and recorded.

Prisma, for horn and Chamber Ensemble, 1990, 10' , (25 p.),

The Day Is Yet Great, for mixed double choire and percussion, 1990, IMC-98 (29 p.) MS. Achieved prize.

Mobile, for Large Orchestra, 1991.

Dialogue, for two pianos, 1992, IMC-97 (29 p.) MS. Performed by the “New Israeli Piano Duo”, Be`er Sheeba” and by Duo Asta and Dainius Vaicekonis, U.S.A..

A God Can Do It, for Soprano, horn, mixed choir, percussions & strings,1993, 10 , 'IMC-308 (28 p.) MS.

Circles, for Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion, 1993, 9' , IMC-346 (47 p.) MS, fl (picc.), ob (eng. hn.), cl (picc., E flat, bass cl), bn, tpt, hn, trb, perc: 2. Performed and recorded by “Ensemble Musica Nova”, Tel-Aviv, and New Zeeland.

Associations after “Fantasia in C major by V. F. Bach”, for voilin, viola de gamba & cembalo, 1993, (10 p.).

Associations on an Israeli Tune “Atur Mitzhech”, for piano, 1994, 4.30' , IMC-381 (5 p.), performed and recorded.

Associations on an Israeli Tune “Atur Mitzhech”, arranged for Band, 1997, (18 p.). Performed and recorded.

Yearning For Peace, for six players,1995, 16' , IMC-406 (41 p.), MS fl (fl alto), cl (cl bass), vn, vcl, pno, perc. Achieved prize, performed by “Ensemble `88”, Holland, at Gent - Belgia, and at Amsterdam - Holland, and recorded.

Lamento, for String Quartet, 1998. Performed by the “Novosibirsk String Quartet” at “Bar Ilan University”, and recorded.

Brief Visions of Childhood, for woodwind quintet, 1999, performed by the “Haifa wood-wind quintet, Beit-Bialik, Tel Aviv, 1999, 9' 47'' , (29 p.).

Voices, Calls and Lamento, for a symphony orchestra, 2000, 25' , (54 p.). Performed and recorded by the I.P.O., Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa.

Discourse, for two clarinets, 2001, cl, cl (cl bass), Performed by Richard lesser and Avigail Arenheim, and recorded, Mizra, 2002, 15' 07'' .

Homage to Naomi Shemer – Fantasia, for Concert Band, 2004, 12'. Performed and recorded.

Hagveret Mirechov Bezalel - lyrics: Yoram Tehar-Lev, for equal voices, 2006, 4'. Performed.


“Live” – Chamber Music. Published 2003.
“Voices, Calls & Lamento” for Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta, Tel-Aviv 2004.

Arrangements for vocal ensembles are included in two compact discs:
“Kolot Misgav Choire”, 2 C.Ds.
“Shiruli” Vocal Ensemble”.


A God Can Do It, for sopran, horn, mixed choir, percussions & strings Chamber Music / Ensemble, Orchestra with Choir308 Details
Associations On An Israeli Tune "Atur Mitzhech", arr. for band Wind Orchestra3323 Details
Associations on an Israeli Tune "Atur Mitzhech", for piano
 MP3 Complete
Solo381 Details
Brief Visions Of Childhood, for woodwind quintet
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet3319 Details
Circles, for Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble346 Details
Dialogue, for two pianos Chamber Music / Ensemble97 Details
Discourse, for 2 clarinets (2nd change to BCl)
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3326 Details
Events, for Trumpet, Horn and Trombone
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble95 Details
Lamento, for string quartet
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3324 Details
Metamorphoses on Passacaglia, for Wind Orchestra Chamber Music / Ensemble4857 Click to View Details
Mobile, for large orchestra Symphony Orchestra3318 Details
Monologue, for trumpet solo Solo96 Click to View Details
Piece for Chamber Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble345 Details
Prisma, for horn & chamber ensemble Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Music / Ensemble3322 Details
The Day Is Yet Great, for Mixed double Choir and Percussion Choir98 Details
Voices, Calls & Lamento, for symphony orchestra
 MP3 Complete
Symphony Orchestra3325 Details
Woodwind Quintet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet3321 Details
Yearning for Peace, for six players
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble406 Details