Sergiu Shapira

Sergiu Shapira Sergiu Shapira achieved his Master Degree in composition at the Bucharest State Academy of Romania, and Ph. Doctorate in Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

S. Shapira began the musical career in his native country, where the "Composers' Fund of Romania" rewarded him for "Sonatina" (1956) and "Capriccio" (1957), both piano works.

Established in Israel in 1961, Mr. Shapira, together with his wife the pianist Shulamith Shapira, joined the Faculty Staff of Jerusalem Music Academy, the Theory Department. Parallel with the pedagogic activity, he continued the composition activity in his new country.

Shapira' s works include orchestral, chamber, instrumental and vocal music. His music was performed, recorded or published in various countries, such Israel, U.S.A., France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Romania and others. His composition "Remembrance" for Cello and Orchestra was premiered at Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, New York City in 1994. In 1999, the composer was awarded with the Prize of "International Composition Contest for Clarinet", category Clarinet Solo, for his work "A Talk with the Unseen". This work was performed at the "International Clarinet Festival, New Orleans 2001" by the American clarinetist Howard Klug and published by the Bloomington University of Indiana USA. In 2005, his "Sonata for Cello Solo" was elected to represent Israel at the "International Cello Festival, Bruxelles 2005".

Selected Works:

Elegy, for String Orchestra and Female Choir - Israel Music Center, 18
Quartetto in C, for Strings - IMC, 408
Two Movements, for Cello and Piano - IMC, 19
Memories from Childhood, for Piano, 2 vol. - Israel Music Publications, 611, 612
A Talk with the Unseen, for Clarinet Solo - Woodwind Indiana, 2001
Tandu, for Violin and Cello - IMC, 195
Three Miniatures, for Piano - Edition Gerig, Germany, HG 1014
Expressions, for Oboe solo - IMC, 21
Meolam haieled, for Piano - Israeli Music Institute, 6299
Feelings, for Piano - IMC, 2343
Fancies, for Basson and Piano - IMC, 3016
Rondo Burlesco, for Piano - IMP, 817


A Magic World, 13 little pieces for piano
 MP3 Complete
Solo3225 Click to View Details
Air and Humoresque, for Flute Solo Solo4234 Click to View Details
Biblical scenes, for Harp solo Solo4340 Click to View Details
Diaspora Songs, for choir Choir, Vocal4091 Click to View Details
Diptych, for string orchestra String Orchestra1562 Details
Divertimento, for two Flutes Chamber Music / Ensemble4085 Click to View Details
Elegy for string orchestra and female choir String Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra with Choir18 Click to View Details
Expressions, for oboe solo
 MP3 Complete
Solo21 Details
Fancies , for bassoon & piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3016 Details
Feelings, Four Piano Pieces
 MP3 Complete
Solo2343 Details
Five Hebrew Songs, for mixed choir (2nd & 5th with piano) Choir850 Details
Four Character Pieces, for Bassoon Solo Solo4056 Click to View  MP3 Details
Garland piano pieces in folk style
 MP3 Complete
Solo3736 Click to View Details
Glimpses of an Anniversary, for Two Trumpets in C Chamber Music / Ensemble4104 Click to View Details
Heritage Songs, for choir on equal voices Choir1777 Details
Nights in the Old Town, for Orchestra Symphony Orchestra4015 Click to View Details
On the Fiddle, for Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4268 Click to View Details
Pastels, for flute & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble2570 Details
Prayer, for Clarinet solo Solo3961 Click to View Details
Rachel's Poem, for voice & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal2276 Details
Remembrance, for cello & orchestra
 MP3 Complete
Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra1711 Details
Sonata In One Movement, for cello solo
 MP3 Complete
Solo823 Details
Sonatina for Piano
 MP3 Complete
Solo824 Details
String Quartet
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet408 Click to View Details
Tandu, for Violin and Violoncello Chamber Music / Ensemble195 Details
Three Romances, for Contrabass and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4220 Click to View Details
Triptych, for piano
 MP3 Complete
Solo2399 Details
Two Lyric Pieces, for Clarinet and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4882 Click to View Details
Two Movements, for cello & piano
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble19 Click to View Details
Woodwind Quartet for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon
 MP3 Complete
Chamber Music / Ensemble3875 Click to View Details