Leon Schidlowsky

Leon Schidlowsky Born in Santiago, Chile, July 21, 1931
1948-52 studied theory with Allende-Blin and composition with Free Focke; studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Santiago
1952-54 studied composition in Detmold, Germany
1955 Director of the Tonus Association of New Music, Santiago
1961 Secretary of Composer's League of Chile
1962 Head of music Dept. Santiago de Chile University
1964 Member of the jury for composition with L. Nono, L. Dallapiccola and A. Ginastera in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1965-68 Professor of composition at the Santiago University
1968 Received the Guggenheim Fellowship
1969 Settled in Tel Aviv, Israel. Professor of composition at the Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University
1979-80 lectured and directed a seminary on graphic music at the Musikhochschule Hamburg, Germany. Exhibition and concert at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany
1980-81 Composer-in-residence in W. Berlin; individual concert in RIAS, Berlin
1982 Exhibition and concert at the Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany
1988 Lectured at the Misic-Sociological Dept. of the Lund University, Sweden
1991 Lectured at the Internationale Schoenberg Society at Moedling, Vienna, Austria

Leon Schidlowsky participated at many renowned international festivals in East-Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia (1965),; at the Interamerican Festival, Washington, USA (1966); Festival of American and Spanish Music, Madrid, Spain (1967); Festival of Three Worlds, Merida, Venezuela (1968); Worlds Music Days of the ISCM, London, England (1971); International Rostrum, Paris, France (1971) a.o.
Leon Scidlowsky was awarded in 1999 ACUM Prize for his life achievement. In 2001 Leon Schidlowsky was made 'Honorary Professor' by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile.