Sergio Schmilovich

Sergio Schmilovich Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1959, Sergio Daniel Smilovich graduates musically in the National Conservatory of Music "Carlos Lףpez Buchardo" with a degree on Flute -whose excellent use appears on many of his works-, going to Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1985, where he completed his studies on composition. Authour of marked avant-garde tinges, on his music it may be distinguised three clear, and unavoidable, influences. First the is the porteסos airs, present as well on certain musical gestures as instrumental ones; secondly, there is the modulations and the essence of israelite music, with special attention on the use of the voice as another instrument of the ensemble. At last, the elechtroacustic investigation and the timbric mixture are the paths used for the integration of all the elements; thus, Lagos del Sur for flute, guitar and bandoneףn, and Bandoneףn de Buenos Aires, both from 1994, represents the more "argentinian" side, without despise the sound investigation. In the same way, the awarded Eclesiastיs 1992 for sopran and string quartet, and Mare Nostrum III for magnetic tape (with a very interesting use of the voice) and flute, both from 1993, unveil the medium-east influence in a specially interesting way. At the end, and markedly experimental, Muedeum (1989), for chamber orchestra, and Esferas Nro 3 (1991), for flute, sax, percussion and piano, are more satisfactory than the excessively long Neurosis Nro 9 (1993) for pianos.


12 Events, for string orchestra String Orchestra210 Details
Circular Movements, for solo vibraphone Solo206 Details
Constellations Chamber Music / Ensemble73 Details
Infinitum, for trumpet and piano Chamber Music / Ensemble205 Details
Kean, for mezzo soprano, flute, bass clarinet & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)219 Details
Kohelet 1992 Solo voice(s)70 Details
Labyrinths, for soprano, 3 flutes & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)204 Details
Mare Nostrum II, for voices, clarinet, horn & percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s)216 Details
Mirrors String Quintet71 Details
Modulos No. 2, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra220 Details
Momento Libre, for flute solo Solo191 Details
Momentum 1993, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra209 Details
MUEDEUM in memoriam S.D., for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble212 Details
Neurosis Nr.6, for string orchestra String Orchestra215 Details
Oracles, for Piccole, Flute and Flute in G Chamber Music / Ensemble72 Details
Oraculum Nr.3, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra208 Details
Refractions, piece for orchestra No. 1 Symphony Orchestra218 Details
Si muero, for soprano, flute & string orchestra Solo voice(s), Voice and Orchestra, String Orchestra221 Details
Spheres No. 5: Middle East 1992, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra217 Details
String Quartet 1989, for string quartet String Quartet213 Details
String Quartet, for viola, 2 cellos & double-bass Chamber Music / Ensemble207 Details
Tel Aviv '92, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble214 Details
Trio No.1, for violin, viola and cello String Trio202 Details
Trio No.2, for violin, viola and cello String Trio203 Details
Zeitspiegel 1, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble211 Details