Daniel Shalit

Born in Israel, 1940. Studied piano, French horn, composition and conducting at the Israel Academy of Music in Tel-aviv, and later at the Guildhall School of Music, London, England. In 1962 returned to Israel and joined the Israel Chamber Ensemble founded then by Gary Bertini, as harpsichord player and later as associate conductor. He taught musical theory, musicology and philosophy in the Tel-Aviv Univesity. He now teaches Jewish philosophy and wrote (in Hebrew) several books on Judaism and its relation to contemporary culture. His book “Yode’a Nagen” deals with issues in musical aesthetics, philosophy of music, music theory, with the condition of contemporary music, and with relations between Judaism and music.
His musical works include, for piano solo: Ritornello, 1974 (in 6 movements, 9`00``); Rondeau, 1980 (one movement, arr. From Suite for Strings), 4`00``
tenor and piano: The Songs of Solomon, 1791-2004, 5 movements, 17`00``;
piano trio (piano, violin & `cello): Divertimento, 1972, 3 movements, 10`30``; Canti, 1971-1991, in one movement, 7`00``
string quartet: Suite, 1979, 4 movements, 12`00``; Pulsations, 1980, in one movement, 4`55``; Choral Varianions, on Ha`ir Be`afeor by Naomi Shemer, 5`00``
string orchestra: Suite, 1993, 5 movements (same as Suite for string quartet, with one movement added), 18`20``; Crisantemi, transcribed from Puccini string quartet, one movement, 6`23``
symphony orchestra: Scenes from a Drama, ballet music, 1966, 5 movements, 14`30``; Resisei Layla, 1997, one movement, 9`55``; Hallel (Glory), 1998, one movement, 4`00``; Cycle for 'cello solo and symphony orchestra, 1973, 11`00``


Canti, for piano, violin & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble3451 Details
Choral & Variations on Theme by Naomi Shemer (Ha'yir Be'afor), for string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3619 Details
Cycle, for cello & symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra3447 Details
Divertimento, for piano, violin & cello Chamber Music / Ensemble3452 Details
Hallel (Glory), for symphony oprchestra Symphony Orchestra3446 Details
Puccini: Crisantemi, arr. for string orchestra String Orchestra3455 Details
Pulastions, for string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3456 Details
Resisey layla, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra3448 Details
Ritornello, Five Piano Sketches Solo3454 Click to View Details
Rondeau, for piano Solo3453 Details
Scenes From A Drama, for orchestra Symphony Orchestra3449 Details
Songs of Solomon, for tenor & piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Vocal3458 Details
Suite for String Orchestra String Orchestra3450 Details
Suite for Strings, for string quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet3457 Details