Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein. Born in Mogilyov-Podolsky, Ukraina 1957. Studied piano, composition and musicology at the Leningrad (Sankt-Petersburg) State Conservatory (branch in Petrozavodsk) under J.Kohn, A.Repnikov and V.Portnoj. Settled in Israel, 1990. In 1998 he got the Prize of ACUM “The Golden Feather” for his “Concerto in memory of G***”.

Among his works are:
  • “Concerto in memory of G***” and “Prayer to rain” for piano and orchestra.

  • “Microconcerto” and “The Message” for symphony orchestra.

  • Oratorio “Stabat Mater” for basso, chorus & symphony orchestra.

  • “Baroque Concerto” for 2 violins and string orchestra.

  • Ballet ‘Charley`s Aunt”.

  • 2 Sonatas for piano.

  • Piano pieces: Fantasy “Night”, “Aquarelles”, “Nocturne”, “The Way”, “Chopin`s Valse”, “Three rains for one piano”.
  • Songs.

  • Electronic compositions.

  • Music for theater productions.


Allegro Piazzolloso, for Violin and Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble4562 Click to View Details
Baroque-Concerto, for two violins, string orchestra and cembalo Chamber Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra, String Orchestra4564 Click to View Details
Concerto in memory of G***, arranged for two pianos Chamber Music / Ensemble4008 Click to View Details
Concerto in memory of G***, for Piano and Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Solo instrument(s) + Orchestra4638 Click to View Details
How long? Chamber Music / Ensemble, Vocal4898 Click to View Details
Il canto del mare lontano, for piano Solo4002 Click to View Details
March from the Ballet "Charley's Aunt", for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra3938 Details
Message, for Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra4751 Click to View Details
Microconcerto, for Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra4565 Click to View Details
Music for the theater play “Blez” by Claude Mania, for piano Solo4004 Click to View Details
Music for the theater play “The Golden Ass” according to Apuleius, for two pianos Chamber Music / Ensemble4003 Click to View Details
Night, Fantasy for Piano Solo4761 Click to View Details
String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet4760 Click to View Details
Three Rains for one piano Solo3874 Details
Two pieces from the ballet "Charley's aunt", for Piano Solo3873 Details
Valse de Chopin, for Piano solo Solo4563 Click to View Details
Variations on a theme of rain, for piano, rain and cello Chamber Music / Ensemble4585 Click to View Details