Sharon Schnapp

Sharon Schnapp Schnapp Sharon was born in Israel in 1975. He started his musical studies at the age of 9, by playing the piano. His started composing short piano pieces at his early youth. During the years 1998-2001, he studied harmony and counterpoint with Dr. Ron Weidberg. Between the years 2000 – 2005, Sharon studied classical painting with Dr. Anton Biderman, and in the year 2005 he had his first self exposition. Today he learns to play the renaissance lute with Eitan HofferIn.
His compositional work aspires to create a dialog between musical languages and to intensification of the suture between tonal and atonal music . Part of his works are influenced from a baroque forms and baroque contents.


Piano Sextet Chamber Music / Ensemble, Wind Quintet4514 Click to View Details
Piano Sonata no. 1 Solo4478 Click to View Details
Six Piano pieces Solo4479 Click to View Details