Ophir Ilzetzki

Ophir Ilzetzki A composer of experimental music by calling and lecturer by vocation, Ophir is also the curator of Anechoic Transmissions – an independent radio-production house dedicate to shedding light on the extremes of non-commercial music throughout genres.

Ophir’s academic education spans more than 12 years, travels through 3 borders and includes 6 internationally renowned composers:
PhD – Southampton University (2009-13)
Mmus – Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London (2006-8)
BA – Royal conservatory, The Hague (2003-6)
Composition class of Arie Shpaira, Haifa (1999-2003)

Ophir’s music is published by the Surrism-Phonoethics net-label, and his scores are published by BabelScores.

Ophir currently teaches at the Southampton University and resides in London.
For more information, visit Ophir Ilzetzki’s homepage.