Sara Shoham

Sara Shoham Israeli‐born Sara Shoham graduated in composition, conducting and piano from the Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University.

She has composed for numerous vocal and instrumental ensembles for both radio and television. Sara Shoham won the Levin‐Kipnis Prize for Art Composition and the Public Council’s Prize in collaboration with the music department of the Israel Broadcasting Authority, and was awarded grants for creative writing by the Public Council for Arts and Culture, the Tel‐Aviv Arts and Culture Foundation, the ‘Pais’ Council for Arts and Culture, and prizes by the Minister of Science and Culture.

On June 1998 her "....…And they shall not learn war any more " (Isaiah 13:4), was awarded a prize by the Czech Ministry of Culture.
In the prestigious Florilège International Competition for Choral Music held in Tours,1999, France, she was awarded a prize for her "Enfants! faites attention aux baobabs!" (St.‐ Exupéry). Her work "Loquimini Veritatem!" (Biblical verses), was awarded a prize in the Spoor International Choir Composition Contest (Belgium). This work is performed from time to time by the "Aquariuos Consort"' conductor Mark Michael de Smet, in 'Peace Conferences', till now, in Köln‐germany, Madrid‐Spain and in Gent‐Belgium.

During the year 2000 she spent a great deal of her time training Israeli and Palestinian teachers of music and drama as part of a special collaborative project through M.E.C.A (the Middle East Children’s Association).

Sara Shoham is the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Composition for 2002.

On May 2004 her Prayer (P. Sadeh) was awarded the prize of the Israely Philharmonic Choir. On July 2005 her work " Little Miss Fork and Little Miss Spoon " (Nurit Zarchi) was awarded the IBLA Foundation prize.

On the 1.10.2010 her arrangements for two catalan songs – "Si fossa moixonet" and "Jo me'n varig a collir flors", comissioned by The Mediterranean Moviment Coral Català, and were conducted by Quim Bonal, "The Coral‐Claudefaula", at the 'Capella De Santa Agata', Barcelona, as well as in other concerts over the country, including the last one which was held on the 30.7.2013 as a part of The Mediterranean Voices Conference in Girona.

On April 2012, in Acre, The First Mediterranean Israely Festival (The Mediterranean Zimriya), were performed and broadcast by the Israely radio as well as by the 'Aquarious Consort', Belgium, conductor Mark Michael de Smet, a few of her 'Compositions for Peace' in Hebrew, Latin, English and Arabic.

2013 – Sara Shoham has been awarded the Paul Ben‐Haim Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Music by ACUM – The Israely Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Sara Shoham devotes most of her writing to works for leading choirs in Israel and abroad. In the performances of many of her works by the “Li‐Ron” youth choir conducted by Ronit Shapira at various international choir competitions, “Li‐Ron” has succeeded in gaining first place as well as gold medals.