Yechiam Marx

Yechiam Marx Compoer Yechiam Marx currently teaches music theory and piano a Jezrael Art Centre, Mizra, Israel, and in the Conservatory Of Music, Tivoon, Israel.
In 2010 he worked in TAMA Plastic Industries Mishmar Hemek Israel, managing a complex environment of computer systems. From 1992 and 2009 he has employed at CSIRO, Canberra as a Senior IT Support Officer. Previously he had a similar role at Woden Valley Hospital (1991-92). Earlier in my career, hewas a music and computer studies teacher in Cooma NSW, Misgav Israel and Queanbeyan NSW.
 Master in Music Composition – Academy of Music and Dance,
Jerusalem, Israel 2013
 Master of Information Technology - University of Canberra, Australia
 Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications - Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia 1989
 Teacher’s Certificate - NSW Department of Education, Australia 1984
 Graduate Diploma in Education - University of Canberra, Australia
 Bachelor of Music - Berklee College of Music, Boston USA 1981
Marx has played piano and several other instruments since a
young age and performs professionally in bands, composes and
arrange music using computer software


Chasake Symphony Orchestra4273 Click to View  MP3 Details
Diminuta, for Flute Solo Solo4250 Click to View  MP3 Details
Drops, for Orchestra (or Chamber Ensemble) Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Music / Ensemble4251 Click to View  MP3 Details
First rain, for Piano Solo4252 Click to View  MP3 Details
Weeping Willow, for Piano Solo4253 Click to View  MP3 Details