Ruth Alon

Ruth Alon Ruth Alon was born 1984 in Israel. In 2010, Ruth graduated B.Mus Composition Degree with top merit, from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Ruth Alon studied with numerous leading Israeli composers including Prof. Zvi Avni and Dr. Ari Ben-Shabetai, and participated in master-classes and workshops with composers from around the world; amongst them are Prof William Mival, head of the department of composition at the 'Royal College of Music', London, UK, Dr. Dániel Péter Biró, Associate Professor of Composition and Music Theory at 'The School of Music - University of Victoria', Victoria, Canada,
and the composer and conductor Mrs. Eva Ugalde, San Sebastian, Spain.

During her work as a composer, Alon developed a unique personal style and her compositions get commissioned and played in different concerts all over the world in venues such as 'Judisches Museam der Stadt Wien' Vienna, Austria, 'The National Library of Israel' Jerusalem, Israel, 'Teatro Splendor' Aosta, Italy, 'Felicja Blumental Music Center' Tel Aviv, Israel, 'Freemason's Hall' Dublin, Ireland, 'Israel Conservatory of Music' Tel Aviv, Israel, 'Concert Hall of Lviv Philharmonic Society' Lviv, Ukraine;
as well as Kol Hamusica, the national radio station for classical music in Israel.

Ruth Alon reached the finals of the Aviv Composition Competition by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation in 2011, and won 3rd place in the Alfred Schnittke International Competition and Composers’ Forum in 2016. Also, her compositions took part in several festivals including Israeli Music Festival, Vox Feminae Festival in Israel, UNK New Music Festival in USA, etc.

In addition, Alon has experienced writing music for dance, theatre and cinema, and over the years, collaborated with some of the best orchestras and ensembles in Israel such as Symphonette Ra'anana, Israel Chamber Orchestra, The Israeli Vocal Ensemble.

Today, she is a member of the Israeli Composers’ League and Israeli Women Composers Forum, as well as composing, sings with The Carmina Singers Ensemble and Adi Choir, and teaches various music courses at 'Muzik – School of Creation and Production of Music', Tel-Aviv, Israel.