Daniel Akiva

Daniel Akiva DANIEL AKIVA—composer, performer and educator. His guitar and lute performances have earned international acclaim. A native of Haifa, whose family has lived in Israel for over five hundred years, he was steeped in the Sephardi tradition from youth. Many of his compositions have evolved from the music of Sephardi Jews.
Daniel has performed in concerts as a guitarist and lutenist in Israel, the U.S.A, Russia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Mexico and most of the countries in Central and South America.
His repertoire features works from the Renaissance to contemporary music.
Daniel Akiva's compositions include pieces for solo instruments—guitar, piano, cembalo, mandolin, cello, violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, viola de gamba, recorder—as well as voice. Chamber ensembles, choir, voice and guitar, voice and piano, a mixed choir and orchestra fantasie for guitar and orchestra, music for three guitars and orchestra, sopran, guitar and orchestra, alto , clarinette and strings, 3 guitars and strings, marimba, guitar and orchestra, oud, guitar and strings
In 1984 he accompanied soprano Victoria de los Ángeles in a series of concerts held at the prestigious Israel Festival.
In 1990, his work "Psalms" for guitar solo was awarded the ACUM prize for composition. His string quartet "Ciclos" was awarded the ACUM prize for composition in 2002. In 2006 he received the Amazon prize for his CD Hope, with Laurel Zucker (flute) and Ronit Widmann-Levy (soprano).In 2017 he was awarded the Prime Minister prize for composers in Israel.
Daniel is a BA graduate at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He earned a Maestro Diploma in guitar and composition and completed his studies under lutenist Jonathan Rubin at the Geneva Conservatory in Switzerland. He established the music Department at the Wizzo Haifa High School for the Arts, which he founded in 1986 and Headed till 2017. He has been the Artistic Director of the Guitar Gems Festival & competition, held in Netanya, Israel, since 2006.
• Sephardic Diwan with the soprano Eti Kahnn 1983
• Meeting with Avraham Perera; 1984
• Ciclos, guitar and lute solo, 1990
• Jerusalem de espanya – Voice, guitar, recorder, viola d'amore and strings, 1994
• Siniza i fumo, for mezzo-soprano, recorder, flute, narrator, children's choir, guitar, and orchestra.1996
• Como la Roza- With Ronit Widmann Levy – sopran 1998
• Hope – With Ronit Widmann Levy – sopran, Laurel Zucker – flute, 2004
• On Wings of song – String Quartet, 2005
• La serena- With Yahli Toren – sopran,2008
• 10 Spheres – guitar solo, 2008
• Mlchut – oboe'cello, guitar, voice and guitar' mandolin and guitar, voice and strings, 2009
• Suite Sefaradite – Ekaterina Matyushenkova – flute, Alexei Belousov- guitar, 2014
• Viaje chiko, Viaje grande- with Kohava Levy- singer, 2015
• Nigun- with Keren Hadar – sopran, 2017
• Aseni Nahar- With Yeela Avital – sopran' Daphna Peled - flute


Ciclos, for String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet4852 Click to View Details
Litanies, for Guitar and String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet, Solo instrument + ensemble4842 Click to View Details
Psalms 117,118, 130, for Mixed Cboir, Oboe obligato and Strings String Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra with Choir, Vocal4881 Click to View Details
Recitative and Dance for Viola da Gamba Solo4865 Click to View Details
Sinizia I Fumo, for Orchestra, Childresn's Choir, Soprano and Narrator Symphony Orchestra, Solo voice(s), Voice and Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra with Choir, Vocal4853 Click to View Details