Asher Ben-Yohanan

Asher Ben-Yohanan Born in 1929. Studied Oboe and Piano playing. Ben-Yohanan studied composition with Paul Ben-Haim, with Aaron Copland in the U.S.A, and with Luigi Nono in Italy.
Gained a degree from New-York University and Master of Music degree from the University of Michigan. He was awarded the Morse Fellowship in Composition by the University of Cincinnati. Ben-Yohanan was the head of the music department at the Thelma Yallin Music & Art School, Tel-Aviv (1966-75). Taught at Bar-Ilan University. He was a chairman of Israel Composers' League (1989-92). Composed work for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments, vocal works etc.- performed in Israel, Europe, U.S.A., South America.

Ben-Yokhanan passed away August 2015.