Dan Yuhas

Dan Yuhas Dan Yuhas, Born in 1947. Studied piano and composition at the Rubin Academy in Tel Aviv, and further studies in London and Paris.

His music was performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Israel String Quartet, the Arditti Quartet and many ensembles and performers in Israel, Europe and Asia.

He was awarded the Acum Prize (1988), the Prime minister’s prize for composers (1988), the Lieberson Prize for orchestral composition (1998), and again the ACUM Prize ( in 2001 and 2007).

Yuhas is the Founder and director of the “Israel Contemporary Players” and the Center for Electronic Music in Tel Aviv.

His music is published by the Israel Music Center (IMC) and the Israel Music Institute (IMI).

Selected works: (partial list)

"The fire and the mountains" (ms), Cantata for orchestra, choir and voices (1980)

Prelude for Orchestra (1978) (IMI)

Three pieces for piano (1974)

“Episodes” for trombone solo, (1976)

"Entities" for chamber ensemble (12 players) (1983) (IMI)

"Four poems of David Vogel” for mezzo and chamber ensemble (1984) (fl. cl. vl. vcl. trb. pno)

String Quartet (1988)

"Havayot" for chamber ensemble (10 players) (1991)

“Phantasy” for piano and clarinet (1991) (ms)

Trio for harp, viola and percussion (1995) (ms)

Spring Games for Symphony Orchestra (1996)

"Monologue" for flute (1997) (EME)

Trio for clarinet, violin and piano (1998)

"Elegy" for Symphony Orchestra (1998)

Duo for violin and piano (1999) (ms)

“Concertato” , for large ensemble, (2000) (2fl. 2 ob. 2 cl. bassoon, tpt. hn. trb. pno, harp, 2 perc. 2-2-2-2-1)

Coloured Lines, for ensemble 2002 fl. ob. cl. bsn. hn. tp. trb. pno. perc. 11111

Duo for viola and cello (2005)

Trio for tuba, viola and piano (2003)

Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2007)

Spell for 6 singers and chamber ensemble (2005) fl. ob. cl. bsn. hn. tp. trb. pno. perc. 10111
For more information, check out www.danyuhas.com


Collisions, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble3911 Click to View Details
Coloured Lines, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble3188 Details
Concertato, for small orchestra Symphony Orchestra2485 Details
Duo for Viola and Cello Chamber Music / Ensemble3718 Click to View Details
Elegia, for symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra1216 Details
Formations, for 10 instruments Chamber Music / Ensemble307 Details
Four Poems by David Vogel, for voice & chamber ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Voice and ensemble605 Details
Images, for Chamber Ensemble
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Chamber Music / Ensemble4614 Click to View Details
Quartet for Clarinet , Violin , Cello & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3786 Details
Reflections, for Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra4051 Click to View Details
Repercussions, for Horn and Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble4271 Click to View Details
Spell, For singers and ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo voice(s), Choir3708 Click to View Details
Spring Games, Overture for Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra645 Click to View Details
String Quartet Chamber Music / Ensemble, String Quartet1004 Details
Tenuot, for Cello and Ensemble Chamber Music / Ensemble, Solo instrument + ensemble4033 Click to View Details
Three Miniatures, for Tuba & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble, For the Young4067 Click to View Details
Trio for Clarinet, Violin & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble2396 Details
Trio for Saxophones, Piano and Percussion Chamber Music / Ensemble3927 Details
Trio for Viola, Tuba & Piano Chamber Music / Ensemble3163 Details